QUICK VEGAN RAMEN RECIPE and Why I'm Going Vegan for 45 days

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Check out the reason why i’m starting a 45 day Vegan Experiment and this tasty recipe for a Vegan Ramen that won’t leave you wanting.

RAMEN RECIPE starts at 6:00

Broth #1
2 cups of water
8 pieces of dried shitake mushrooms
2 pieces of kombu or 4 pieces of dried nori

1. Soak for 45 mins.
2. bring to a boil and strain.

Broth #2
1 tbsp peanut oil
2 tbsp of minced garlic
2 tbsp of minced ginger
1/3 cup minced of red onions
1/3 cup minced spring onions (white part)
2 tsp of fermented black beans
2 tsp white miso
5 brown mushrooms sliced
1 tbsp shoyu
1/2 cup kimchi brine
1/2 tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp ground and toasted sesame seeds
salt and pepper to taste
2 cups unsweetened, unflavoured almond milk
2 tsp nutritional yeast

1. Fry off the onions, ginger and spring onions in the oil on medium heat. Brown for 2 mins, add in the garlic, cook for 2 additional minutes. Add in the sesame seeds, toast them. Toss in the mushrooms, cook for 2 mins. Add in the miso and beans. Mix everything well. Add in the kimchi brine, the almond milk and nutritional yeast. Bring to a simmer.
2. Simmer for 15mins. Add in Broth 1. Season with salt, pepper, shoyu, sesame oil. Simmer for at least 45 mins.

2 packs of cooked brown rice ramen noodles
4 tbsp of minced spring onions (green part)
6 tbsp of cooked corn
4 pieces of pechay
2 tbsp of korean mild chili powder
6 slices of tofu
2 tsps chili garlic sauce
4 tbsp of kimchi
salt and pepper
1 tbsp of peanut oil

1. bring the oil to medium heat. cook the tofu for 3 mins on one side, season with salt and pepper, turn and baste with chili garlic.
2. Add in the pechay to the ramen broth for 4mins before serving, while its simmering.
3. Build the bowl like in the video.


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Erwan Heussaff says:

For the Kimchi guys, I forgot to mention, try to go for the ones that don't use shrimp paste or fish sauce. I make those mistakes sometimes, which is why it's important to read labels. Good luck! Certain ingredients sneak up on you when you don't pay attention.

Darren of Earth says:

Vegan here, Been making a lot of Ramen recently, actually been making noodles, soups, dumplings, rice dishes, all so cheap , yet tasty and never feel bloated. Will be sticking to this type of food

Jesse Yanogacio says:

"intermediate fasting" — clearly you didn't do any research.

Rose from UK says:

Oh my gosh, that looks so delicious! I found it so calming watching you cook, I’d love to have seen the whole process. What do you do with the shiitake after you strain them? Can I ask you if you know which nori is the mildest in flavour with the least “fishy” taste? I’m under the impression the darker, the milder, but I wonder if that is correct.

赵路易 says:

oh gawd that looks soo good

Geraldine Genetiano says:

That is an excessive amount of corn.

bean says:

oh that ASMR

P D says:

It was a nice ASMR vid until the music came back on

daerylp says:

Hi erwan! Love your videos.. lost almost 80 lbs following your routine.. i just want to ask how did your Vegan diet go? I’m on lacto-ovo vegetarian diet.. in my 3rd week.. i’ll be doing it for a month too.. i’m planning to do vegan too.. thanks for making your videos.. it really helped me a lot

Apollo, Jr Tiu says:

Post You Secret Recipe….. Looks Yummy and Delicious…

Briana Lewis says:

vegan with the carnitas ad in the middle LOL

Jean-Christophe Hamel says:

It's annoying that there is no descriptions or narration while you cook

Kenneth B says:

i just looked at a recent vid where you were eating meat..lolssss

Pokizo says:

fasting in tagalog is AYUNO 🙂 base sa bible ang ayuno ay maganda talaga sa katawan, inaalis nito ang mga toxins, or chemicals na nagdudulot ng sakit sa katawan, and most of all , nagbibigay lugod ito sa DIOS 🙂 Tip: kung gusto mo talagang mag fasting or ayuno, mas mainam iconnect mo ang iyong puso at isip sa DIOS , then samahan mo na rin po ng dasal, HILING at pag daing na may kasamang pag papasalamat sa DIOS, si Moises, LORD JESUS CHRIST sila ay nag ayuno din, kaya healthy ang kanilang mga katawan 🙂 anyway, im learning so much in this video. thank you Erwan 🙂 to GOD be the glory!

j rock says:

Loving the vegan recipes! Water fasting is more beneficial

Paolo Fernand Estrabo says:

Hello. It is awesome to be a vegan. I'm Vegan since February 2015. Vegan for Environment, Health and Animal. I hope that your vegan journey will be amazing. Thank you very much

robertjos says:

and the noodles r overcooked, love the colors tho

robertjos says:

Too much spice Erwan!

viral patel says:

looks delicious.. cucumber stuffed Sushi was closest to Japanese food I ever had.. first time I have seen how little bit of creativity can lead to vegetarian Japanese flavours

Jaron Paradise says:

When is the Overnight in Tokyo coming?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Julia Van Morgenland says:

If you try dry-fasting, do it for 5 days not just 3, it will be more interesting for you to see what your body does..))

Tracy.3 says:

Glad you're trying a vegan lifestyle for a bit. Hope it goes well for you. I've been a vegan for 14 years for animal rights reasons, I've never looked back. I'm looking forward to more vegan recipes from you. Going vegan definitely improved my cooking, made me healthier, and added a lot of delicious colors to my plate.

Jomlyn says:

Anne is so cute lol Thanks for the recipe!

CloverLuckable says:

I've never known nori can be used in lieu of kombu for the broth! Makes it easier now. Kombu's extremely hard to find where I come from.

Kate CB says:

What is the red thing you put on top of the tofu kuya when you fried it?

Rina Adele Gorospe says:

I will do it. Thank you.

Arlie Mae says:

I can't imagine life without eating meat. But Im also all about challenging myself. How far can I go without meat? I'll try 3 days 🤞

Tya Diera says:

Maybe you should just fast from the dawn till dusk for each day that you are fasting, and after dawn you could consume the food and water. I've experienced fasting for a month, but not dry fast. I dont think that i can handle dry fast myself.

Kassey says:

Noooo don't do dry fast

Konrad Migraso says:


i will surely try to make like this one soon.

in regards to filipino food, check this out http://www.youtube.com/user/rcestudios/featured, there are lots of veganized filipino recipes/dishes. i hope this will help you.


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