Quick Lunch Quesadillas – Vegan Mexican Food

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These are my really simple Quick Lunch Quesadillas. I really love Vegan Mexican Food so creating my own simple quesadillas was a great way to share that with you.

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Ghost Guy68 says:

it looks so good but sorry couldn't make out what the red sauce was you put on the bread first…was it like a tomato sauce or pizza sauce?

Alexis M. says:

That looks soooo good! He really makes eating healthy easy and enjoyable. The food from his cook book is amazing and I can't reccomend it to enough people!

Running with Marc says:

Just had something similar 🙂

nadia kutsenko says:

Yuummm!! Mouth watering 🤤

Brenda Aspey says:

Looks bangin 😋 thanks for sharing Brett ✌️

Em h says:

so simple ! gonna try it

8schopra says:

So simple …looks delicious👍 presentation was 👌

Ria Alice says:

So easy but sounds so tasty🤤 definitely a great lunch idea here for me and my son!!

Leslie Leiva says:

Excited to make some at home 🤗

εdψ αηdrαdε says:

Gracias.. 😋

Fuesun Ha says:

why everything looks so yummy! What kind of cheese is that. The most vegan cheeses are not like that.

Sleepy Afro Films says:

Wow that looks amazing

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