Quick, Cheap & Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Vegan

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Claire Messier83 says:

Omg that granola is AH-mazing

Claire Messier83 says:

NICE use of that avocado song 😂

Madeleine Grace says:

Where do you get your jewelry from like the necklace you're wearing with the key on it? Love it!

Elena Barti says:

I just tried making the granola and it's amazing! Thank you Grace 🙂


I used your granola as inspiration to make like granola/breakfast bars by pretty much doing what you did and adding some peanut butter and honey and putting them into the fridge and cutting them up to take on days when I’m running late to uni and they taste bomb

Sai Shree says:

Woow madam please dinner plans please

Esther Simkiss says:

Just made the granola – absolutely incredible !!!

Starship 218 says:

Woww woww wowww💕💕💕💕thank you so much for sharing these… iam into this ❤️❤️

Karla Miranda says:

How do you get your protein in?? Isn't it hard? I dont want to go vegan, but i want to eat way less meat:(

Cassie Autumn says:

The avocado toast looks DIVINE! I would eat the sauteed mushrooms on their own! I bet the granola tastes amazing too!

Rachel Ezell says:

I love these! Thank you so much- keep em coming girlll. Also, I know you did a glasses vid, but these weren't on there- where are these from!!? <3 love you!

Jessica Blakeley says:

Please please please can you do a vlog on cruelty free makeup? I have literally just become veggie but need educating on what makeup brands are best?! Xxx

Carley Knight says:

I'm not vegan but really want to try encorporating more vegan meals into my diet, as a student it's hard to know what to eat, all these meals look delicious so definitely going to give them a go! Can't wait to see your lunch and dinner ideas also😋

Star says:

Hey Grace….just came across your channel….your video was a joy to watch and put a smile on my face…thanks for that. x….will enjoy watching many more…thanks for sharing your journey…you are truly an inspiration! x

Louise O'Shea says:

Hey Grace, where are you clear glasses from and what's the name of the style? They're soo nice! xx

lara says:

omg I laughed so hard when you put in the avocado song!!! 😀 love you xx

Nicole Felts says:

Your glasses are 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😍😍😍😍

Girly Gore says:

Definitely gonna try these! Trying to eat more whole foods in 2018!

BelKnight1995 says:

Does anyone know whether each meal Grace made is one serving or whether there is multiple servings per meal?

Abbey Massey says:

I made the avo and mushrooms on toast yum !

MsJilsephonie says:

usually i hate vegans for pushing too hard their agenda and looking down on non vegans but you're ok just don't push your vegan agenda soo much i'm here for your personality and fitness tips

Tess Foley says:

ok this might be a stupid question, but do you heat up the oatmeal or can you eat it cold?

Kimberly Dawn says:

omg when your bf goes for the high five.. you guys are adorable!! <3

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