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We’ve come back from a long journey to bring you vegan tofu quesadillas.
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serves 3 or 4 / time 15 min
¼ cup red onion diced
1 Tbs lime juice
½ avocado diced
½ mango small dice
½ medium tomato diced
½ tsp sea salt
1 lb baked tofu
2 cups vegan cheese shreds i.e. Daiya Shreds
tortilla shells
1 Tbs olive oil
½ cup guacamole

1. In small bowl add the onion, tomato, avocado, mango and salt. Add lime juice and stir it all together.
2. Cut tofu into thin slices, about ¼” thick. Place 4 or five pieces of tofu on one half of a tortilla shell. Sprinkle vegan cheese shreds on it and top it off with a scoop of the salsa from step 1. Next, fold the tortilla over.
3. Heat oil in frying pan on a medium low heat. Place quesadilla in pan and cook each side until golden brown. Transfer to cutting board and cut into 4 triangle bites. Transfer to plate and add a scoop of guacamole .


Chiara Petrachi says:

I'm binge watching Z Nation on Netflix….

Spirited Emilie says:

Omg i love your videos so damn much! 🙂

janice sayleen says:

my family and i love you ! thanks for this easy recipe!

paintur68 says:

I finally went vegan…  :- l   I did it mostly for health reasons, but………………..I hope to get as thin as John. 😀   So far…after about a month, I have lost one pound. :- /

Amanda Banana says:

I bet you guys try to make each other laugh all the time while filming lol

Carolyn19791 says:

"We don't even talk anymore " 😂😂😂 He just bust out the Boyz II Men out of no where!!! 🎶

Christine L says:

Why does that daiya cheese look so different? Is that the "old formula" people speak of?

TheNecrohazard says:

I've been making quesadillas lately with mushrooms, spinach, and Chao or Follow Your Heart cheese. I even did a pizza 'quesadilla' the other night. AMAZZZING. Dipped it in my homemade vegan ranch. Hnnnnggg.

denisse almonte says:

Where can i purchase the vegan cheese?

Michael Ezeala says:

he is so cute, and his food looks amazing

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