Plant Based Vegan Mushroom Tacos: Whole Food Plant Based Recipes

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Complete recipe and more about living a Plant Based Lifestyle at:

Nacho cheese recipe link:

Tacos, aren’t they all the craze right now. Understandably so! They are delicious and can also be super nutritious like this recipe. This is my take on tacos using mushrooms as the meat replacement and flavoring it a bit like mole sauce. 

Tacos really lend themselves to adding anything and everything so garnish as you like and enjoy!


Jennifer Broussard says:

I like your no nonsense style. Thanks for creating this channel!

Becky Howard says:

Amazing 😉

Jeff Shannon says:

That is an awesome recipe I'm so going to make this! I just subscribed to you channel keep up the great work!

Jennifer piascik says:

Looks great! We have tried and loved so many of your recipes. Love the shirt! Where can I get one??

Stephani Hunter says:

How did I miss this before? More genius!

Earthen Vessel says:

Have you ever made your own tortillas?

Lorraine Boesman says:

I love your cooking show. Just getting started with plant based diet.

Anjela Jones says:

Your channel is literally a life saver for my taste buds right now.

Trixie Rose says:

About how many tacos does this fill?

*Razzy says:

I'm new to this wfpb diet, do you generally avoid adding in salt and oils? I can get used to not using oil and just using water but the salt part seems hard.

Christabella Flores says:

Oooohh this this so good

Brad Richards says:

You have the BEST RECIPES and demos for us WFPB eaters !!! Thanks for all that you are doing to help me LOVE this lifestyle.

Luther Evans says:

Do you keep your extra cheese sauce refrigerated?

lynn bradley says:

The puppy wants some too

Sean Lumly says:

This looks great! I'm going to try making these this weekend! My only substitute will be whole-wheat wraps (and perhaps some toppings) but otherwise they will be the same. I honestly cannot wait!


Gale Keeler says:

Had these for dinner tonight. LOVED THEM. Definitely on my repeat list. Hey do you have a good planr based mushroom gravy? Thanksgiving's coming up.

Becca Ivy says:

I would like to know what type of blender you use

Trump News Network says:

Have you tried shiitake mushrooms? cumin and cilantro, but I guess it's whatever you like, I'll try it your way first, before changing anything

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