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Paying vegans $1000 to eat meat! (Social Experiment!) Watch pranking vegans they’re eating meat here: ♥ Watch my Pranks Playlist (ALL Prank Videos):

This is a social experiment that shows what would happen if I tried paying vegans $1,000 to eat meat! Comment which other vegan & vegetarian social experiment videos you’ve seen like watch a vegetarian eat meat for the first time in 22 years, if meat eaters acted like vegans, Vegan eats meat prank – on girlfriend! (goes crazy!!). Let me know which of these videos you’ve seen, and make sure to watch Pranking vegans they’re eating meat here:

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MetalHead4Life1986 says:

I would do it if I was vegan

Bomber says:

Even if I were vegan I'd just eat it, the cow has already been killed and you're getting $500

The everything Channel says:

I would eat every single thing

A J says:

Hope he took the food

Herr Reporter says:

I wouldn’t eat meat for 100.000 $

King Spongebob says:

Omg that twist in the end was goooooood!!

Joshua Wooldrik says:

It’s past my bed time and I have school tomorrow lol 😂
But I almost got caught
My mom came in while I was looking at the comments 😂
I’m shaking so bad right now

Ida M says:

I respect the fact that you guys bought all vegan items ✨

Ida M says:

I'm proud of all of you that didn't eat it

MotoCross Junkie says:

Yea but don’t you have to milk a cow or it will die or become ill and non fertile eggs isn’t killing or any shit like that.

McSophie says:

i‘m vegan too and of course I would take the $1,000.
I mean, I would eat more than just meat for $1,000 u know

the gaminguy1233 says:

Vegans do know that cheese dust is fake cheese right?

Joseph Greaves says:

If i was vegan i will eat meat for $1000

Sangita Sengupta says:

Greedy last guy! 😠

Layla xx says:

but it’s a fucking cheezit. $20 per cheezit. c’mon.

Whatster87 says:

it's hilarious how he doesn't know its vegan

Natsushi Iwahara says:

I can get 1000 bucks if I declare to be a vegan?

Kızıl tuğ says:

These guy become kinda feminen with vegan diet.

Lisp Reviews says:

Most vegans are dedicated little fuckers, I give them that.

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