Today we are making 3 easy vegan bowl recipes and I’m showing you a meal planning DIY! I hope you all had a great start to 2018. Here’s to another year of great food! xo [More]
🇬🇧 So excited to share this insanely delicious vegan desserts recipes with you! Perfect to have as a healthy dessert, or as a snack during the day with tea or coffee. Let me know if [More]
Open for more details 🙂 It’s a little late today due to adverse weather conditions! If you’re out and about driving in the U.K., then be careful! It’s a skid-zone out there! Anyway, some warm [More]
Healthy But Delicious Desserts – Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club
Okonomiyaki | Vegan Okonomiyaki Recipe This dish is so simple and easy to prepare. In 30 minutes you will have a very tasty and healthy meal. Add BBq sauce and some spices, you will ask [More]
Today I’m sharing a common dish in Japan, okonomiyaki! In Taiwan, it’s not a cheap eat!😭 Actually, you just need simple ingredients to make this. Once you’ve mastered this, you won’t need to run out [More]
Welcome to CHEFS TALK with Raw Chef Yin where I showcase chefs from all over the world. In episode 4, I am very honoured to have Yoko of Shoku Iku to be the featured guest. [More]
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Grab your shades and blast-off with us for an epic nacho adventure! WARNING: If you’re too busy working from home to be bothered or afraid of things that taste good, this video probably isn’t for [More]
Hope you enjoy these meals just as much I do 💚 OPEN FOR FULL RECIPES & STUFF: Vivolife Protein link & discount code (the one I use) Link: Use: MILES10 for 10% discount on [More]
Six wacky recipes with only three ingredients (not including crust). You’ll love number three! Or actually you’ll probably hate them all. This video is a joke. Everyone was harmed in the making of this. Please [More]
Thanks for stopping by to watch our video! Today we made vegan pizzas sweet and savory, we hope you try this recipe at home and enjoy! Make sure to like, share and subscribe! Will see [More]
Wonderful Recipes from The Mantra Room We serve out around 800 deliciously awesome vegan/vegetarian meals every month at The Mantra Room. People are always asking us for recipes, so we are sharing them here. This [More]
If you enjoyed the channel and would like to support the creation of new recipes check out my Patreon account. TIA Ingredients 2 cups Broccoli 2 pounds Red Potatoes 1 cup Pepper 1 cup [More]
This vegan casserole with potatoes, broccoli, carrots, rice, tofu, and a vegan cheese is my go-to for holiday meals. ⭐️ PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO ‣ 💚OPEN FOR MORE💚 ____________________________ “Vegan Cheesy Casserole” Adapted [More]
Vegan Funeral Potatoes (Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole) with Easy Vegan Cream of Chicken Soup Base This recipe for Vegan Funeral Potatoes, or Vegan Cheesy Potatoes, or Vegan Cheesy Potato Bake, or Hash Brown Casserole, or [More]
This is a delicious comfort food recipe! Cheesy, creamy potato casserole AKA Scalloped Potatoes OR Potatoes Au Gratin
Hey everyone, today I share a recipe that I have been working on perfecting for a few months now. I am so excited to share it with you! please let me know what you think [More]
Hey loves! So in today’s video I did my healthy version of Mac and Cheese this is a vegan recipe and no, I’m not vegan but most of my meals in the week are plant [More]
Homestyle vegan macaroni and cheese, made from real food ingredients, even with a secret vegetable! No dairy, no problem – if you’re dairy-free you can still enjoy this creamy, cheesy pasta dish. Full recipe instructions [More]
Can you shop for vegan items at Walmart? I’ll admit that I don’t visit Walmart often to go shopping. When I do go there, the thought of buying food never crosses my mind. However, my [More]
We just did our New Years Eve food shopping and I filmed our shopping list. Later in our actual New Years Eve video you will see what we made with the products we brought in [More]
Thanks for watching! Each week is different to another one. This haul is a great example of what we buy at the moment 😉 I hope you enjoy❤ ———————————————————————————————- I’m on Instagram : Arnaud’s [More]
I’m turning your Taco Tuesday up with my vegan taco recipe! Tune in to see the taco that has all of my friends and family down to be #TeamVegan every Tuesday night! DON’T FORGET TO [More]
❌RECIPE EBOOK: ❌INSTAGRAM: ❌FACEBOOK: ❌MY AMAZON STORE: WHAT YOU NEED: 1 bag of soy curls This is the one I used 20-30 corn tortillas Handful of cilantro 1/2 white onion [More]
i tried to make a vegan substitute for a breakfast sandwich egg patty links
This protein-packed vegan bacon egg sandwich is not only the perfect vegan breakfast but is also a great post work out meal! Tempeh Bacon Recipe: – 1 block of tempeh – 4 tbsp Soy sauce [More]
Here’s how to make savory vegan breakfast sandwiches. I’m going to show you how to meal prep your breakfast for two weeks. This recipe makes 12 vegan egg, sausage and cheese sandwiches that can easily [More]
How to make a vegan fried egg sandwich for breakfast or brunch using tofu. This recipe will blow your mind with how much this tastes like a fried egg. Learn how to make an easy, [More]
This protein-packed vegan bacon egg sandwich is not only the perfect vegan breakfast but is also a great post work out meal! Tempeh Bacon Recipe: – 1 block of tempeh – 4 tbsp Soy sauce [More]
EPISODE #288 – Spanish ¨Paella Campera¨ with Vegetables & Shrimp FULL RECIPE HERE: Get some Golden Saffron here: Support Spain on a Fork! Check out my Patreon page at – I have [More]
Hello everyone Welcome to DaltEmor’s kitchen Pasta is undoubtedly a comfort food at its best. Today I am going to help you with making an easy, hassle-free and extremely delicious pasta recipe. New videos TUESDAY, [More]
Le pizze salate buone, facili, veloci e versatili! Unica pecca la pasta, può essere pasta sfoglia, può essere pasta brisè, le uniche cose garantite saranno l’alto contenuto di grassi e la loro scarsa qualità! Ecco [More]
This is one of my favourite go-to meals since it’s so easy to make, eat and is SO TASTY! Nutritious and high in protein, this will quickly become a staple in your household like it [More]
Hi, welcome to Elise’s Eats! Enchiladas are delicious and you can have so many filling combinations! Today we are doing bean enchiladas – these are actually vegan as well if you omit the cheese or [More]