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Plant-Based Pizza – Raw/Raw Vegan. Healthy Pizza Recipe.
Hey here is a snapchat video of a Vegan breakfast bagel I toasted half of a vegan everything bagel I made tofu bacon strips a few days ago Bacon recipe: press out some extra firm [More]
Hi friends! Here’s my favorite recipe for quick and easy plant based breakfast sandwiches. I love to make when I’m in no mood to cook because they’re so easy and turn key. All you need [More]
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Check out this link for a list of Ingredients, and a downloadable version of the recipe: This has to be one of my new favorite recipes. Its super simple, and very delicious. I really [More]
Get your Mexican food fix with this recipe for Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas. This vegan dish packs a double dose of good-for-you sweet potatoes and a hearty helping of black beans and spinach. [More]
This is one of my favorite things to eat! It’s full of flavor, texture, and heartiness. Plus the mayo gives it quite the comfort food appeal. This vegan chickpea tuna salad is your perfect summer [More]
Count me in in the soup lover club. Especially when I heard something like “Minestrone soup” ;), I am always starving for this amazingly yummy Italian soup. Packed with vegetables, beans and pasta, this soup [More]
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Hi everyone, we finally put up our first youtube video ever! Since we love baking and cooking vegan/vegetarian meals, we thought that it would be nice to share a couple of recipes with you. These [More]
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Our version of vegan gumbo & vegan nachos. Our first cooking segment/vlog. We take pride in recreating the foods we grew up loving by making them healthier, tastier, & cruelty free. —–NACHO INGREDIENTS—– 1 tbsp [More]
Get your nacho fix on! Make this low fat epic recipe right now, people. Ingredients: 2 russet potatoes, cut and peeled 2 small carrots, cut and peeled 1/4 of an onion, peeled 1/4 cup nutritional [More]
YES! We did it. Vegan nachos, vegan cheese, and vegan “meat” crumble. All made from scratch. All good. All yummy. All plant-based. Thank you Mexico for inspiring us to make this, we had an amazing [More]
I have been a vegan for over half a year now! Here are some of my favorite vegan junk food recipes that I make when I’m craving some of my old favorites! I hope this [More]
3 FullyRaw Breakfast Recipe Ideas to Start Off Your Day the RIGHT WAY! A chia pitaya fruit rainbow jar, rainbow smoothie jar, and a FullyRaw Vegan Cereal! All delicious, healthy, and cruelty-free! Subscribe to my [More]
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Hi wonderful people! I hope you are making healthy wise choices that will fuel your soul to a happier you. Yup you guessed it! That is what I have been doing. Love it.😀💜 I thought [More]
Matt Gross is about to find out if a vegan breakfast sandwich composed of fake eggs, fake cheese, and fake meat (cooked in fake bacon fat) on a spelt English muffin is the conscientious alternative—or [More]
In this video I present Vegan Avocado Toast Recipe. I show how to make a healthy sandwich from scratch. This is healthy recipe for everyday with cherry tomatoes and sprouted broccoli. It is easy and [More]
Quick, easy and healthy vegan breakfast. It is so simple to make so everyone can do it 🙂 Give this easy sandwich a try and I’m sure you will enjoy! Music by Sunsearcher
To learn more about the health benefits of food, visit: Follow us on Twitter: @foods4health1 Here is a vegetarian creamy broccoli soup recipe. DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational and informational purposes only. While [More]
Former figure skater Rebecca Gilbert shares her story on Pittsburgh Today Live about what inspired her to go vegan. Learn how to make Cream of Broccoli Soup… without the cream! Recipe here: Looking for [More]
Rich creamy home made broccoli soup – 12 Day Detox –
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