When there is no pho restaurant in sight and you’re craving a bowl, just know you can always make it yourself! The only thing that’s as good as this noodle soup is the amazing aromatic [More]
Healthy Share with Claire is a series where I share my favorite vegan & non-toxic food products, beauty/bath products, cookware/bakeware, cookbooks, fitness products, music, and anything else I’m obsessed with at the moment! Look for [More]
4 servings Ingredients: 2 large sweet potatoes 1¼ teaspoons fine sea salt, divided 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided ½ medium onion, diced 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 can (14 ounces) black [More]
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YAY FOR LIFE HACKS! YAY FOR FOOD! Today’s life hacks include eliminating the struggle of peeling potatoes, cutting kiwis, making bananas extra sweet, making ice cream sandwiches, vegan chocolate and MORE! No, I do not [More]
Valentine’s day dessert – Cooking with Monami RAW VEGAN ICE CREAM Ingredients – Ripe Bananas Medjool Dates Strawberries Raw Cocoa powder
A New Favorite!!! This recipe is delicious and the cheezy flavor is really cheezy thanks to the right combination of veggies with nutritional yeast. Eat this soup and take advantage of all of broccoli’s health [More]
Thumbs up, buttercup! & open me up for details! Vegan Fried Chick’n Mushrooms 2 Portabella mushrooms Flour Vegetable oil Earth Island Vegg (vegan egg) (alternative below) Non-dairy milk Celtic sea salt (my personal fav, any [More]
Vegan sushi roll recipe – amazing vegan food recipe http://makesushi.org The vegan sushi roll is an amazing vegetarian sushi roll recipe; this recipe brings out the best possible taste out of all the different types [More]
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These incredibly soft, fluffy, and milky vegan cinnamon buns are the perfect autumn dessert, breakfast or snack. They aren’t very sweet, but sweet enough to satisfy your dessert cravings. Ah I love me some soft [More]
It’s holiday baking season! This year I’m making Vegan Ginger Molasses Cookies because they’re spiced with holiday goodness and are sure to make you feel good even when you’re having a terrible day (like I [More]
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Today we are making a super creamy dairy-free pasta with garlic tomatoes! This recipe is vegan and can easily be made gluten free by using a gluten free pasta. Recipe below! Subscribe to my second [More]
I had an idea to try making a vegan egg mcmuffin at home! Mcdonald’s egg mcmuffin was always one of my favorites before I changed my diet so I decided trying to make my own. [More]
Jean was sure that she could complete the 10,000 CALORIE CHALLENGE but I convinced her that 5,000 would be a better option. Unfortunately it all got a bit too much but she did great and [More]
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My go-to local products: from Simpson Spring, https://www.simpsonspring.com/ @simpsonspring on instagram and facebook My website: https://madelineking.squarespace.com/ Instagram: @madeliinekiing Email: [email protected] xoxo Madeline Vegan Red Lentil Coconut Curry * 2 cups red lentils * 3 carrots, [More]
» Check out @avantgardevegan’s video: http://bit.ly/watch_Gaz_video » Jamaican curry recipe: http://bit.ly/jamaican_curry » Pad thai recipe: http://bit.ly/vegan_pad_thai » For more delicious smoothie recipes, visit: http://www.pickuplimes.com » Film & photography gear we use: http://bit.ly/PUL-gear PUL ARTICLES » [More]
An easy and simple Jamaican Style Curry, cooked in Coconut Milk. All neural and all #vegan.
The Spanish Biriyani
Watch as Merle feeds unsuspecting coworkers a pulled pork sandwich… except she doesn’t tell them the secret ingredient until after they’ve finished. Fry up your very own banana peel pulled pork at home in the [More]
EASY homemade frozen yogurt recipes! Healthy ice cream made with regular or Greek yogurt, or VEGAN ice cream if you use coconut or soy yogurt! Get creative with your favorite flavors! ★ SUBSCRIBE for new [More]
Hi, everyone! Today’s video I’m showing you how to make vegan gingerbread cookies! Make sure you check out the vegan candy cane christmas cookies that Holly from Imaginfinity made for her video. We hope you [More]
Vegan Pumpkin Ginger Cookies with gingerbread spices and pumpkin. GF option FULL RECIPE: https://www.veganricha.com/2017/10/soft-pumpkin-ginger-snaps.html These Ginger Cookies are soft, fudgy, blondie like with flavors from the Pumpkin, Ginger bread spices and molasses. They come together [More]
Since there isn’t anywhere close by I can get vegan diner food, I tried to make my own! This isn’t how I cook on the daily but it’s fun to indulge especially after leg day [More]
Apologies for the wording “guilt free” Just wanted to portray that healthier substitutions were made in these recipes!! Take the quiz at http://bit.ly/340DKwc and get your recommendation. Use code CLAUDIA25 to get 25% off your [More]
Soft, pillowy pumpkin dough filled with a buttery cinnamon sugar filling and topped with sweet icing, these vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls are the PERFECT Fall treat! https://mindfulavocado.com/pumpkin-cinnamon-rolls-vegan/
Here is a weekend’s worth of food, and I show you how I made it all! As always you can find the full recipes on my blog. Link to that is below. A brief outline [More]
Today we’re making EASY vegan enchiladas with butternut squash and black beans! This also includes a vegan enchilada sauce recipe! These are seriously the best vegan black bean enchiladas I’ve ever tried and they’re a [More]
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Cookingguide Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Cookingguide Old fashioned vegetarian patties need to be prepared in a very particular way for the best possible results. Make old fashioned vegetarian patties with help from an accomplished cook [More]