I have been making this curry for years! I was, once upon a time married to an Indian and learned how to cook authentic Indian food from his mother. I added a few of my [More]
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Welcome to my first official cooking tutorial everyone!! Currently I do not have a professional camera for filming so I will be using my iPhone 7 plus until I am able to get the camera [More]
OPEN FOR ALL INSTRUCTIONS Today I am sharing with you all 3 Recipes : Chickpea Scramble Avocado Breakfast Sandwich, Very Berry Nice Cream, and Wild Blueberry Waffle Find more easy recipes in the FOODS highlight [More]
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My first ever vegan cooking video! I hope you guys like it! Today we’re cooking creamy vegan pasta with mushrooms. This recipe is SUPER affordable and cheap to make, but most importantly it’s healthy, delicious [More]
I didn’t expect to upload another video so soon but HEY HERE IT IS! This is an extremely versatile recipe so please suit it to your liking! Feel free to add in additional ingredients such [More]
Vegan comfort food galore! One pot vegan pasta! Easy simple recipe , perfect for vegan students or just a hearty vegan dinner. Best served with guac or vegan sour cream! Recipe: www.rachelama.com for all business [More]
We’re making two vegan pasta recipes today, both with delicious vegan cream sauces. First up we have a vegan mushroom stroganoff, and then we’re making a vegan cacio e pepe pasta. Both of these recipes [More]
This was going to be my submission for an awesome opportunity for a cooking show, but I got it in too late….and it sux anyways. But the food was AWESOME!
This is an old video from before I transitioned my channel & blog to vegan in late 2016. All recipes can now be found at https://www.gretchensveganbakery.com/ Click here for the recipe https://www.gretchensveganbakery.com/pumpkin-cinnamon-buns/ Music Credit WALLPAPER/ [More]
Pizza is loved by everyone but finding that one perfect pizza is what we all hunt for right? Even though we have ordered hundreds of different pizzas and created tones of vegan pizza recipes for [More]
Cheesy Broccoli Potato Soup 5 medium golden potatoes 1 lb leeks (I used frozen from Trader Joe’s) 1 tbs minced garlic 10oz crimini mushrooms 2 medium tomatoes 2 cups corn 1 red bell pepper 1 [More]
CLICK *SHOW MORE* TO VIEW DESCRIPTION Day 8 of 12 Days of Vlogmas! Immersion Blender I use: http://amzn.to/2DkpGQX Vegetable Broth Base: http://amzn.to/2BarqKW Easy Vegan Cheesy Broccoli Potato Soup Recipe: 1 white onion, diced 2 cloves [More]
Easy & Delicious Vegan “Cheesy” Cauliflower & Broccoli Recipe. So delicious, so healthy. Oil-free vegan comfort food. Recipe below. More Delicious Vegan Recipes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRiFBqmvqX1X-lS1uNeQAuufx3-4c-HnT OMG! My Parents Went Vegan: https://youtu.be/FwpX2NuLD_E OMG! My Dad Went Vegan [More]
an Spanish variation veg. paella enjoy.. viewers
1 onion, finely chopped 1 red pepper, chopped 250g green beans, trimmed and halved 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 2 tsp smoked paprika ½ tbsp ground cumin 1 tsp turmeric 250g dried paella rice 850ml [More]
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@tobacourage Its National Vegetarian Week so i went out to see how much free vegetarian/vegan food i can get around London – Also i recently turned vegan 😀 SUBSCRIBE London Hacks – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChSr… Drunk Conversations [More]
Thanks so much for watching! This video is another example of what we eat in a day. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed filming this video for you. Much love [More]
Hi Everyone! Todays vlog is a juicy q + A ….a look at my NEW ACTIVEWEAR SET! And delicious but super easy tacos! These are great to make when you don’t have a lot of [More]
MY SUGAR DETOX IS ALMOST OVER LOL YAYYYYY! Anywhoosie thought I would show you what I buy and easy vegan tacos that you can eat on a sugar dextox! thumbs up for more grocery hauls! [More]
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MACROS (per serve): Serving size – 17.6g Protein – 2.3g Carbohydrate – 8.8g Fats – 2.1g Calories – 67 caL Keep on track this Christmas with these delicious vegan Gingerbread Cookies, packed with protein and [More]
Here’s absolutely delicious gluten-free vegan gingerbread cake recipe http://bit.ly/vegan-gingerbread-cake It’s an easy sugar-free gingerbread cake recipe without molasses suitable for those on low glycemic or Candida diet. Get the homemade gingerbread spice mix recipe here [More]
Gluten-free ginger cookies are a nice little spicy cookie that is perfect for the holidays. Find out about gluten-free ginger cookies with help from a vegan baker in this free video clip. Expert: Veronica Rains [More]
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