My daughter and I fell in love with the So Delicious Snickerdoodle ice cream, and I saw this one on sale at a health food store. The concept sounds a lot like Snickerdoodle, so since [More]
HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN BODYBUILDING GINGER BREAD COOKIES: LISTEN UP VEGAN BODYBUILDERS!! These delicious high protein, easy to make, vegan cookies will not only satisfy your craving for sweets but they will also hep you in [More]
Link to recipe I found on Pinterest! These were so fun and easy to make. Did I mention that they taste like Christmas in your mouth!!!! I am definitely making these again. Don’t forget [More]
there are two types of gingerbread cookies. thick and soft ones or thin and crunchy. in my home, we always have been attached to the second type. the crispier, the better. making my own, vegan [More]
LOADED Vegan Quesadillas – (Because “veggie bean tortilla triangles” just wouldn’t cut it). These babies are packed with flavor and veggies. Pass the salsa and guacamole and dive in! FULL RECIPE:
Delicious Vegan Desserts – You Won’t Tell the Difference When my friend turned Vegan it was a big change in his life. He became healthier, happier and more in tune with what he put in [More] Sherimane Johnson, Vegan baker & chef launches Vegan Meals to Go – a vegan pop-up store selling Vegan comfort food. Widely known for her 100% Vegan, 100% Delicious vegan desserts, Sherimane is now offering [More]
so.. my white shirt got dirty half way which is why you see some killllller abs half way through, enjoy😭 Smoothie Recipe* [Greens] + [Frozen Fruit] + [Protein Powder] + [Super Foods] + [Liquid] – [More]
Here are 3 easy and warming vegan breakfast ideas perfect for those chilly fall and winter mornings! We’re making creamy chocolate mint oats, crispy breakfast potatoes, and a spiced sweet potato and yogurt bowl 🙂 [More]
Budget breakfasts! Easy healthy breakfast ideas, like avocado egg toast, overnight chia pudding, & pumpkin pie oatmeal! Vegan- & vegetarian-friendly! ★ SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Thursday! ★   Learn about my MEAL PREP IGNITE [More]
Here is a super easy vegan meal prep full of delicious vegan recipes that will nourish your body and soul. Get a FREE audiobook and 30 day free trial with Audible: or text ‘fablunch’ [More]
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Easy oil-free glazed tofu: My Instagram: Song is “Worlds Away” by Vexento Jerk marinade ingredients: 6 green onions 1 jalapeno pepper (seeds/ribs removed to make less spicy) 1 red, yellow or [More]
to make the veggi meat I used TVP and then I just seaned it, and boy was it so GOOD! let me know if you try it and send me pictures of your plate to [More]
I did a fun little collab with Assembly Line to show you EXACTLY how to make the Mango & Coconut Jicama Tacos from my new cookbook! Go follow them on IG for a chance to [More]
Please watch: “Enchiladas Placera’s – Authentically Mexican | Deliciously Vegetarian” → -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- In this episode Adriana Guillen will teach you how to make Tacos de “Carnitas.” Authentically Mexican | Deliciously Vegetarian is a monthly [More]
Watch as Actress Tabitha Brown makes her favorite summer meal, vegan pecan tacos 🌮. Make your summer meatless with this easy and refreshing recipe! Follow Tabitha on Instagram: If you want more of Tasty, [More]
These are great for on-the-go or if you just want a sweet healthy snack. These breakfast muffins are so versatile, you can get creative and add just about anything you want. Let me know how [More]
Recipes: Vegan Yogurt Granola Parfait, Blue Smoothie Bowl, Avocado Toast, Banana + Almond Butter Toast, Banana Breakfast Pops, Fresh Fruit Bowl Cheap Vegan Recipe Ebook: *Our Music*
Almost all of my favourite healthy vegan breakfast recipes in one video 😀 My Recipe eBOOK : ♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢ All the Recipes from the video right Here:… ♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢ 1) Blueberry Green Smoothie Ingredients: handful [More]
My morning ritual or I should say Miracle Morning is extremely important to me and an absolutely non-negatiable part of my day. I start with snuggling with my zoo, Sun Salutation, Hot water with Lemon, [More]
Back to school! Let’s get our healthy breakfast’s ready for our kids and ourselves. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! In this busy day and age people forget to have healthy breakfasts. [More]
This 8-ingredient vegan chickpea curry is the ultimate comfort food. Get recipe It is as delicious as it is quick and easy to prepare. What makes my chickpea curry stand out is that it [More]
Easy to make vegetarian Chickpea & Vegetable curry
Recipe – Vegan Creamy Broccoli Soup INGREDIENTS: ●1 medium onion , chopped ●2 celery ribs , chopped ●2 tablespoons olive oil ●4 garlic cloves ●1/2 lb firm tofu ●2 1/2 cups water ●1 lb broccoli [More]
Download Drop using my link: or use my promo code LazyVegan if you download it directly from the app store. Link your card to be in with a chance to win up to $25 [More]
Versatile Vegan ebook: Make going vegan easy with over 100 simple and delicious recipes // Minimal Beauty ebook: Learn how to make your own DIY natural beauty products at home // My ethical [More]
Hi guys! This is a GOOD one. Vegan Quesadillas, yes that’s right and they are super cheesy too😄 I love that you SO don’t need dairy to have a superb quesadilla. Enjoy these, because I [More]
If you watch through you get to meet my boyfriend for the first time 🙂 Ward off that seasonal winter depression and get cozy during this polar vortex with a COZY & HYGGE self care [More]
I’ve always loved eating quesadillas, so I figured I would try making a vegan version! Not hard at all, and super tasty!
Travis and I went to visit Angel in Vancouver and OF COURSE we had to film a Stump Kitchen episode… But we were in a hotel so how were we going to cook anything??? Heheheeeee [More]
On this episode of “Cooking With SOUL” we make a yummy and quick vegan quesadilla, perfect for #meatlessmonday or an easy lunch idea! Click our blog link for full recipe: Who we are: We [More]
Vegan pasta recipes are a family favorite. Vegan vegetarian mushroom stroganoff can be made with any type of pasta you want. This meatless dish recipe is great even if your not vegan. Mandoline Slicer [More] “Chinese Recipes” “Chop Choy Chop Suey Recipe” “Vegetarian Recipes” [ASMR] Ear to Taste Cooking Trigger “Braingasm” effects! Chinese Cuisine, Chinese Food, Chinese Cooking #Food #Recipe #Kitchen #Snack #Foodie #FoodPorn #Sweet #Hungry #Lunch #Foods #Tasty [More]