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High Carb Hannah says:

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tBi. eSports says:

There is meat missing in this recipe

Rich Kuhlmann says:

i misunderstood the word "pot" in the title

pleiades says:

Go raw and drink distilled water.

pleiades says:

If you want to be healthy you can drink only distilled water and raw plant based diet.

XtinaLucia says:

I’ll do this, but I’ll sauté onion and garlic and mushrooms first then do what was done here

La Fleur says:

How much noodles did you take?

Lucy Tknight says:

What type of pot is it and where did you buy it?

Cynthia Martinez says:

I want your resapies book

j LEE says:

여기서 먹방을 보게될줄이야… ㅋㅋㅋ

B.Alexandria says:

Are you kidding me Hannah…your before/after pics…you do look a lot different. Girlie your bad ass right now for all the work you have done thus far. You rock🚴🏼‍♀️

Jones LeFae says:

I just noticed this morning that my lotion says Gluten Free. What?????!!!!

Laura T says:

I love videos like this 🙂
Can't get enough of cooking videos from you .
Mukbang Monday is what i really wish for .

Kisseeesss ☺

hamrthroer Ⓥ says:

I cannot express how much you have helped my partner and I with our life in so many ways! The fact that you have granted the world access to your Journey is quite significant. Also we should be in our tiny house by Thanksgiving! I will surely be checking out Derek's Channel.

Booper 343 says:

What is nutrional yeast? What exactly does it do?

Giulia M says:

I'm italian and I like your pasta! But don' t cook it too much! 😆

Eliza F says:

i am greek and i lived many years in italy, my bf was italian, and yes italians think the pasta must be done like they grow up with they don t accept other ways, if they see you they would say oh my god. but why? people must be free to do what ever they want without criticism. i will try your way

Ayla Beverly says:

Spicy flavor from fennel seeds? Uhhh spicy is the last thing that comes to mind.

J Gam says:

no hate but watching you cut those mushrooms gave me anxiety

Krista H says:

Is it healthy, as a vegan, to eat pasta EVERYDAY?? Serious question… I eat it ALOT!!!

TheVictorb69 says:

Could you use the instont pot

nnejdee says:

Omg I've been to Mt. Lemon!! I was a kid and we camped so I didn't bike it or anything lol.

Linda Porter says:

I agree. Continue cooking videos because they are good tutorials for us.

Linda Porter says:

I struggle every day

Linda Porter says:

I am currently considering bariatric surgery and seeing a nutritionist, but I need to eat the way you are. I think that would solve my weight problem. What do you think?

Linda Porter says:

Can I ask what you do for a living? Is your blogging and videos your income? Just curious. BTW, I am very interested in this lifestyle.

simplypinay 50 says:

If you're in your 20's? you speak like a 13 yr old kid. Read more books may improve your vocab.

Jordan Williams says:

I legit feel like were bestfriends talking lol….I LOVE these kinds of vids….but u look great!!!

Sergio Flores says:

cooking while sitting, moving the stuff in the pan like a kid would…. and frozen vegetables? why? i mean it's a video about cooking, why bother if it is not made well? this video is very irritating very disgusting


May have figured this out by now but may want to consider lifting weights?

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