ONE-POT vegan meals » ft. @avantgardevegan

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» Check out @avantgardevegan’s video:
» Jamaican curry recipe:
» Pad thai recipe:
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» Blender:
» Food processor:
» Hand blender:
» Cast iron pot:
» Mini spice jars:
» Air-tight containers:
» Bento boxes:
» Measuring cups:
» Measuring spoons:


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❤ Sadia


Pick Up Limes says:

Did anyone else know that asparagus trick? I'm still in awe 😲

Patrick Hart says:

Can y’all fr fr get married? The chemistry here is undeniable n I aint talking about the grub!

Satansbabygirl says:

You two are my favorite vegan youtubers ever <3 aaaa

Eleanor Steven says:

I’m so glad I found you! I love your style and cannot wait to try this Pad Thai tonight. Thank you!

JohnnyJacoby says:

Definitely gonna try both recipes … I’m so excited 😆

Amy Cronkhite says:

I love the ceramic ware you use
Where can I buy a set also the woke ?

Maya Angela says:

How cute of a plant based couple you two would be 🤣😍🤪

Alisa 00 says:

Loooove you two 😱 So impressed to see these two best warm vegan cooking people in one video 😍😍😍

Shabnam says:

May i know ….do u make only vegan food? Nothing for vegetarians or non veg?☹️

Vanecia Miller Hidalgo says:

Omgoodness, didn’t know you two did a video together!!! I love it before I even watch it!!!

rod marmol says:

i think they just made love in front of me…and i'm here for it! hahaha

Dharma Ram says:

More Sadia and Gaz collabs please! ✨

Linda Sorensen says:

Awesome! I just discovered your You Tube Channel and website. I love all your recipes and want to try them! I’m an R.N.; it is nice to find a chef who is also a registered dietitian and you do know your science; very knowledgeable and I appreciate learning from you! Can’t wait to try the curry and pad thai.

Murali R says:

Sadia just can’t take my eyes of u

Mikita Hill-Cashaw says:

I've heard that vegetable oil can increase inflammation. What oil do you prefer to cook with? Does that change based on the dish you are preparing?

shira yaari says:

my two favorite vegan channels!!!! yayyyy!!!

ana calix says:

King and Queen right here! Absolutely LOVE you both! 💜💜💜💜

Ale Mendoza says:

Best collab EVER!!!

piinkyydawn says:

What kind of pot is that.. I would love one

Just Fantastic says:

Nice Collab…. Love these easy good dishes! You ROCK !

Kamala Specht says:

Gaz seems so shy…..adorable. What is the beautiful pot/wok you cooked the tofu in. That kitchen with all the plants is the bomb. Love both of you even though my food is much more simple – no sugar, oils or coconut crème/milk. But, I love to watch great vegan chefs. Thanks so much.

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