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This is seriously the best vegan moist dark chocolate banana bread out there, vegan or otherwise. Plus, who doesn’t love one-bowl anything? » Full recipe + PDF:
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Great to take to potlucks, birthdays, or make it all for yourself (I’m certainly not judging). Freezes well when wrapped individually for dessert-on-demand. Enjoy!

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❤ Sadia


fulltimemar says:

I will love it if u remake this in an easier way, i know u have many many request but no rush!! Hehehe thanks so much for changing my life little by little, i keep going back to ur videos for inspiration and will power!

Daniel UKIPS says:

Hmm if this is a healthy eating channel why is sugar and white wheat flour in the menu? Surely they should be replaced? I've also seen rice and bread on this channel. Am I missing something?

Clara Rius says:

A m a z i n g 💜

Irina Veksler says:

Guys I made this recipe dozens of times and I omit sugar each time (everything else is according to the recipe) and it comes out amazing every time!

Juli Lainez says:

Me encantan tus vídeos. Eres muy Natural y esa es la verdadera belleza

Milli Shrestha says:

I accidentally came across your channel, since then I have fallen in love! Now I do really believe in love at first sight. Thank you so much for inspiring and touching heart and souls of millions. Loads of love and best wishes from Sydney!!

Sumedha Joshi says:

Can we omit apple sauce

Iris L. G. says:

It got burned at 325 F without a cover 😡

angEL martIns says:

super easy! I will do this

Shelly Singhania says:

Hi sadia.. I really wanna try this, but didn't find d apple sauce. What can be used instead??
N also can u plz suggest can I try cake with maple syrup or stevia instead of sugar?

Sima Abedini says:

Love your voice and your video , keep it up .

Sarah Keith says:

Well…. I'm certainly cook this on the weekend!

Bonnie BROCKIE says:

Looks delicious .

Katrin Anna Vaccari says:

Careful with this one everybody, it's addictive 🙂 I couldn't resist making it although I didn't have all ingredients and can say it works even without the applesauce, with wholemeal flour and chia seeds instead of flax. We devoured it in a day!

CanadianSummer says:

Just made this amazing !! Substitute white sugar with coconut sugar

Karen Thomas says:

I make my own version of this which is lovely.
Just a note if you don't want to use a flax "egg", an extra half a banana does just fine. x

Manal Hilal says:

Happy to see your channel
I found it randomly
Please type the recipe down the video coz they’re so fast here and in granola recipe and in smoothies too

Kate says:

I made this the other day and it was DELICIOUS! 🤤

l8Frankalein says:

Hey there, maybe someone can still answer this now: is there maybe a way to use something else than banana
that's still vegan? I'm new to this but I would like to bake the cake for me and my boyfriend. However, he unfortunately hates bananas, so I couldn't use those. Is there an alternative?

Jeannie Sons says:

Hi Sadia, 2 weeks ago I get to know about your web page. I felt love with your presentable presentations. I will try this recipe and come back. Tq. I love your vegan recipe too.

Or Cohen says:

Looks divine 🙌 can't wait to give it a try myself ❤ do you think I can use spelt flour instead of all purpose? Thanks

Bianca G says:

This recipe is really yummy! I can really recommend it (also to non-vegans)! The bread is moist and has a good consistency!
I`ve baked it 4 times in different variations and it came out delicious every time! The first two times I stuck to the recipe (apart from using chia seeds instead of flax seeds and replacing 1/3 of the flour with wholegrain flour). The other two times I changed it into a pumkin bread. For this I replaced the 3 mashed bananas with around 200g of pumpkin puree and 100g of applesauce. I also added some liquid (to get a consistendy that resembled the mashed bananas because my pumpkin puree was quite thick in texture) and a little bit more sugar since the pumkin isn`t sweet (around 110g instead of 100g). I personally like the orignial version with bananas a little bit more, my family preferred the pumpkin version. Nevertheless everyone enjoyed both breads :).

Sangeeta Shrivastava says:

O:-) baked it today!! and it was amazing. so simple and yummyy!!
sending love from India♡

Honey C says:

I made the banana bread and it was soo tasty 😁 The best thing about it, is that it is also healthy. I am the only vegan in my surrounding so I was very happy that all the people who tried were amazed by that banana bread. Actually my brother who doesn’t like to eat anything vegan are and said it is pretty okay, which means a lot😁

Guuuuys, try the recipe!!;)

you're beautiful says:

But i saw a few bowls in this video..

Just kidding love you pickup limes❤️❤️

Shaz W says:

That looks delicious, Sadia. Did you microwave it? It looks like it went into a microwave… (although it had a metal stand, so perhaps it's a convection/microwave oven)? I live right next door, in Germany, lol! x

Aabitha Banu says:

Subtitles should be in bold bigger font..

TheGinnaWinna says:

I made this for company and didn't mention it was vegan. They ate it right up! (Some of my friends expect vegan dishes to not taste as good as their non-vegan counterparts which is why I don't advertise it though I will disclose ingredients if I'm still using something that is a common allergen such as wheat, nuts, or seeds)

Soniya Paradkar says:

I came to know about this channel a week ago! And I've seen all the videos already!! It's awesome! It's a great work! You're so creative. I am gonna try out some things too! ^.^

Priscilla Zayas says:

This bread is AMAZING! I bake it in a cupcake pan for my 2 year old who absolutely LOVES it and has requested it for her third birthday in a few weeks. Can anyone recommend a vegan frosting I can make to go with it? It's a special day so I need to make it extra special with some decor! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Sadia, we absolutely love you at our house, you are a beautiful soul. Thank you for all you do.

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