Old-Fashioned Vegetarian Patties : Vegetarian & Vegan Dishes

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Old fashioned vegetarian patties need to be prepared in a very particular way for the best possible results. Make old fashioned vegetarian patties with help from an accomplished cook book author in this free video clip.

Expert: Vicki Chelf
Bio: Vicki Chelf is the author of eight cookbooks. Her latest book is “Vicki’s Vegan Kitchen.”
Filmmaker: Tiffany Cora

Series Description: You can make a seemingly endless amount of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes right in the comfort of your own home, as long as you have the right ingredients and a little bit of know-how. Get tips on cooking delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes with help from an accomplished cookbook author in this free video series.


Raven Whitechapel says:

I have a second question. For people who are new to eating vegetarian, we should not take vegetarian as low fat and or less calories because by the time you make those burgers they look like them still might be three or four hundred calories each and an awful lot of carbs for people who are not used to eating carbs would I be correct in that theory?

Raven Whitechapel says:

0 I have a question please… Instead of using bread crumbs wheat bread crumbs, could we not use almond flour? My question being or ground up almonds? Because almond flour is really just pure almonds that are all ground isn't it? it just seems like it would be a little tastier too.

Eileen M. Ryan says:

Was that soy sauce or what (blue gold bottle -thought she tablespoon of gnosh). I can’t Hear well and no captions. Please inform and thanks much🙏

Eileen M. Ryan says:

Please approve closed captions.

Vanessa Escobar says:

Missing veggies

Judy Epstein says:

Looks delish!

Kunta Kinte says:

You didn't put any moon dollies on the counter to watch you… 😯😯 Always let the moon dollies watch you when you are cooking.! 😇😇😇😇

shadow run says:

thank you for talking in your video. and getting to the point.. looks awesome!!!!

Adam Peter Garcia-Varner says:

thank you, crushed tofu is my favorite style

Pierre Beirouthy says:

Where is the veggies?

Joy Lester says:

How much hemp seeds do you add?

Hobbit Hermit says:

This woman is so adorable!

Ron Valentini says:

your way to far away from the camara. lets see the food.

Shailesh Choube says:

very bad recepies

4 19 says:

Looks great! 🙂

jenna134678 Crystal candy says:

I hardly see any vegetables. Well ofcourse there is no meat.. but i was expecting more vegetables

Dev Bandy says:

Good video , however  unhealthy recipe. All soy in USA are GMO so don't trust any soy organic.  I had seen better patty recipe elsewhere with celery, zukkini, spinach, carrot, bell peppers etc.. I don't see any of these commonly used vegetables.

Christopher Silverton-Thong says:

love these videos as usual. Please make note, GMO of not, soy is not a health food, please do some research on soy. The only time the Chinese and others use soy is when "fermented". Fermented soy has probiotics with many other health benefits, not plane soy as is. I pray that you research soy.

Ammar Sultan says:

are you ok??? because you look like a crazy woman

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