Okonomiyaki savoury pancakes | Keto vegan street food

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Okonomiyaki – these Japanes savoury pancakes are one of the most popular street foods in Japanese food markets. You can now create them in your own kitchen. And the best of all, they are keto and vegan. What a bonus! 🙂
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Homemade Parchment Paper Piping Bags

60g Soy flour
1 tbsp Psyllium husk powder (finely ground)
1/2 teaspoon salt
¼ medium size cabbage
Fresh ginger

Vegan mayo
Soy sauce

Nori sprinkle
1 Avocado (optional)
Japanese pickled ginger (optional)

1. Place all “PANCAKE” ingredients in a mixing bowl, add in cold water slowly and mix till the mixture can be formed into a fist size “ball”.

2. Make “SHOYU MAYO” by mixing vegan mayo with some soy sauce.
Fry pancakes in desired size with low heat till golden brown on both sides.

3. Top the cooked pancakes with “SHOYU MAYO”, mashed avocado, nori sprinkle and pickled ginger.

4. Slice the pancake in pizza style for easy bite-size pieces.




Maitreyi Sapre says:

You are a lifesaver I’m obsessed with your channel

danagrabbel says:

thank you for the recipe, beautiful!

Bon Nina says:

Heavenly Fan: Could you use super fine Almond Flour instead of the soy flour? Would this recipe still work?

Elspin says:

0:38 sneaky cat in the background?

Mji X says:

I cannot wait to try these pancakes. WOW!!!!!!!!

Meredith Myers says:

Awesome recipe thank you!

vincent rando says:

Made them tonight. I added some chopped green onions with the ginger. Even bought a new non stick pan so they would be nice and crispy golden brown. They are so good. 😀

Rhonda Williams says:

I love all of your recipes but I think this one is my favorite. For those who eat seafood, you can add shrimp or salmon strips on top. I am actually going to try just the way you made it. Minus the pickled ginger. (I couldn't find any) Can't wait to make it and eat!!

Holisticliving Radhika says:

Since I haven't heard of this pancake, rushed to watch a few street creations in Japan and yours look really healthy and much better, will try. Thanks.

Annette Ormond says:

Ahhhh!!..thank you heavenly fan for this wonderful heavenly recipe this Sunday. I can't wait to make it. Bless you. You are such a gift. Have a lovely week ahead. We really need your recipes. They help make vegan keto diet a simple and possible achievement.

Jaleny Namasaka says:

I wasn’t hungry, but after watching this video i want some. You make very easy to follow videos. 🙏🏼

fred navrotski says:

Oh yes it looks so good but I cant even pronounce the ingredients so I believe I will never have a chance to taste it. But I still get a great uplift of your cheeriness.

Wink Dinkerman says:

Man those really look good I wish I could eat one.

Mary Porter Porter says:

Looks gorgeous I'm going to make it today I just harvested lots of ginger from my pots and was looking on how to use them up, thankyou

Julie Thompson says:

You are amazing! I'm heading out to buy soy flour right now so I can make this!

BellaKind says:

I would order that from a cafe menu. Nice presentation, satisfying and great aroma, I imagine. Such a lovely manner and tone of voice you have. You'd be a good radio voice, such as for NPR (National Public Radio) in the U.S. Or for recorded children's stories. And for a yoga instructor of course. Good day.

vincent rando says:

Japan, the Pyramids, and Okonomiyaki before i die.

Maria Males says:

Pretty as a picture

Maria Males says:

This recipe looks great. Can I use some sliced leeks as well? I am so happy you’re having fun, I do when I cook. Life if much nicer this way x

Laura McLeod says:

Looks amazing- definitely going to try these

Maria Males says:

I buy nori sheets from supermarket, break them up and blend in my coffee grinder or food processor. I also mix the nori flakes with sesame, pumpkin, sunflower seeds with a bit of pink salt and use it as flavouring on avocado, salads, cream cheese and what ever takes your fancy. I hope you try it

SHUU says:


Jane Menshawi says:

I am coming to your house to eat! Im a diabetic trying keto for 6 weeks and just not feeling it today! Give me your food 😍😂

Mina V. says:

mmm yummy looking.. thanks, you inspire great Keto ideas all the time 🙂

Stephen Kennedy says:

Yum Metamucil flour.. Corn husks

Annie getyourgun says:

Soya is toxic if not fermented.

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