OIL BRINJAL | Ennai Kathirikkai with Tomato Soup | Village Vegan Recipe | Simple Eggplant Recipe

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Today we cook Ennai katharikkai recipe in English OIL Brinjal. This brinjal recipe is one of the simple and tastiest recipe of my village. We also cook tomato soup with garlic and pepper which also a traditional simple recipe for my village peoples.

We use cold-pressed gingelly oil and eggplants as main ingredients and we did not add any masala to make this eggplant recipe.

Oil brinjal curry and the tomato soup recipes are 100% vegan recipes and these are healthier too.


sid d says:

Mouth watering dishes u make 👍👍👍👍

Arun Kumar says:

🙏 I like the dialogue mangalakarama manjala arampikarom 👏👏👏

S KV says:

Unga camerakagave vedio parkka arabichen super cameraman god bless you vcc 👌👍👏👏😄😍😋

esther koil says:


hemavathi ramadoss says:

உங்க ஔிப்பதிவு அருமயைா இருக்கு…வாழ்த்துக்கள்…

Desi Susanti says:

Apa hnya aku yang dari indonesia 😍

sanker sanker says:

Beautiful foods thanks brothers 👃

Abdul Hameed M says:

Village Cooking Channel is the best cooking channel in youtube. Who all agree??

manoj kumar says:

kindikitte irukkurathu paakka pidikkala kaiya vachukittu pesama nilunka

manoj kumar says:

kindartha pathaley sapda thonathu ipdiya kindikitte iruppanka

Kani Anand says:

அய்யனார் அண்ணா கத்தரிக்காய் இருந்தாலும் கறியா இருந்தாலும் சாப்பிற அழகு ப்ப்ப்ப்ப்ப்ப்ப்ப்பபாஆ

Mani Mass I love my brother says:

Thaththa neega great….

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