Non Vegans Try VEGAN Desserts!! Ft." This Is Life Changing!"

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Non Vegans Try VEGAN Desserts!! Ft.” This Is Life Changing!” *Watch in 1080p*
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🔥In a last minute, totally unplanned VLOG, I, along with Gigi & Shia, meet up with my twin sister Juliana and our friend Ndiwa AKA “Niddy” to visit DESSERT HEAVEN in the form of a vegan, keto-friendly cafe called YUMMZY (Greenwich, SE London) to try some absolutely DELICIOUS, vegan desserts! I never thought I would have this much fun trying vegan desserts! I am sure you’ll agree that Ndiwa is the star of the show…watching him trying vegan food is absolutely hilarious!! He declared a moment during this vegan taste test as “life changing”…..Melodramatic?? Find out for yourself…

🔥If you live in London, you NEED to visit this vegan cafe (keto friendly), the staff Jolie (Founder), Alice, Alex and Jamie were so friendly and hospitable….and didn’t mind us busting into the cafe armed with cameras and asking to film them! The desserts are well worth the price! After we left, I was delighted to find out that they actually DELIVER (on specific weekdays to certain London postcodes) I never knew vegan desserts could taste so good…through bad past experiences!

🔥Watch as non vegans try vegan food…..Juliana actually thought she was eating chicken??? I’m not sure she understands what ‘vegan’ means 😂

Info videos on Keto:
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⭐️long, but defo worth a watch!

🌟a bit more scientific detail 😉
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Saraphina Godlisten says:

Oh my am hungry

Laura Wilmesher says:

Love the new beginning style! Also, I’m still amazed by how much your cat Meeko looks so much like our cat Leo that I sent to you on IG DM!! 💕 I want all the yummy desserts after watching this!

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Awesome editing love it! #loveketo

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Hi its Mercedes from Instagram I subscribed to u guess love u

Hamwiltref says:

Great video! Looks like yummy fun time.

Nikoleta Mikaelson says:

Loved this video how you showed Vegan 🌱 restaurant. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Ria Beharry says:

I love it😁💕

Queen Sepa says:

Amazing vid loved it

Trigga D’s Vlogging Adventures says:

OMG 😳 those desserts 🍨 look 👀 extremely delicious 😋 and really fun to eat

Shanika Wright says:

Nice video never had vegan food before interesting 😊 should try it.

Nabali-Iddrisu Kokohaare says:

Hi guys it's Kundi! Loved the new video and I subscribed.xx

Hazzell’s World says:

Oh yummy awwww. You are so beautiful babies make a mess all the time. Meeko is so cute. Gigi n baby boy is so adorable. Those desserts looks so good lol SUV LOL

Gyamfi kingdom says:

Happy birthday bella!!😀😀😀

Aileen Jepkosgey says:

Woooow that was so sweet glad you enjoyed and had fun miss the rest of the team blended fam.i love you gang gang,😍😍😍😍😘😘

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