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Today we try the new Beyond Meat vegan breakfast sausage in original and spicy, along with the Just Egg Folded Plant Egg omelette.

We add Daiya vegan cheese to it and put it all on a vegan English muffin to create the ultimate plant-based breakfast sandwich!

We are big fans of breakfast sausages and we have shared quiet a few on this channel.

We’ve tried the Dunkin Donuts vegan breakfast sandwich made with Beyond Sausage, so check that video out here:

We traveled to Savannah to the Burger King vegan breakfast Croissan’wich launch and we actually carried our own vegan croissant, egg and cheese with us:

And last year, we shared a vegan breakfast sandwich haul on our Instagram and created the sandwich here:

And we even made our own breakfast sausage in this video here, long before any of these other options were available:

Our other Vegan Taste Tests:


Our #1 tip is always to aim for a BALANCED APPROACH at a vegan lifestyle. So if processed vegan meats aren’t your style…

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A bunch of you have already used our link, so thanks so much for that! 

Find out how to get the BEST vegan bacon for FREE here:

Now if you prefer your own homemade vegan options, check out this video where we share an entire week of low-cost homemade Vegan dishes that we feed our vegan family of 8:

We’ve got a little something for every step that you might be on your vegan journey.


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KayOnStringz313 says:

Y’all got a new subscriber in me lol I laughed so hard with Dylan Dylan spits hot fire

Amy Harris says:

I appreciate the video and I'm super excited to try them myself! I actually emailed Beyond, as I often have lol and said they needed to be in the store. While it might seem odd to be in the box without plastic, Morningstar packages there patty the same way. While I don't eat Morningstar as they're not vegan, my husband and son like them. I've never enjoyed one vegan sausage until I had the Beyond at DD, I'm so thrilled for the opportunity to prepare these at home. <3 Keep doing everything y'all do, love the vids and kids <3

Tamoka Richardson says:

I love ya'll chemistry and energy, ya'll are so funny. This is my first time watching your channel and I am officially a subby.

ashley johnson says:

I’m definitely going to try. I heard smuckers jelly was vegan so I’m new to this so I’m going to try this with some jelly and so what’s happening

Phalen Land says:

I like to make the just folded egg in the air fryer for like 6 minutes. Turns out great. Then I put vegan cheese on it , and heat in the microwave for like 30 seconds.

Love Mor says:

great video!!! can't wait to try it

Nicole Sandra Perkins says:

I just tried the beyond sausage links. The texture is too soft for me

Meion Rose says:

I love the laughter and vibes throughout the video! I am trying to become healthy and want to try the beyond meat, which I see a lot of people like.

Laylah Bunny says:

Omgg im so excited

Heather W says:

Oh my goodness… this is the first video of yours I’ve watched. I love your personalities! Too adorable. Just subscribed!

Amanda Metcalf says:

Thank you both for these videos!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Albert Sirup says:

you guys had me subscribed in less than 5 minutes, just because of how real and funny you are. I would love to try these but where I live beyond meat is imported and literally costs twice as much 🙁

Sue Medeiros says:

Even though I love the content on this page I come back to hear how happy you two are together. Six vegan kids…bam!!!!

Tracy Silva says:

Watched this video and then ran to Whole Foods and bought it! Ate it for breakfast today and yummmm

D W says:

Where did you guys find the just egg patties?

Nisha says:

Yayyy I’m excited to try this? I miss a good breakfast sandwich. Did you all get everything from wholefoods?

Senja Sanchez says:

Y’all are awesome!

Steev 7 says:

Have y’all ever tried violife cheese? It taste so much better to me lol and it also melts very good

D W says:

When are you guys going to do the review of the beyond sausage biscuit and beyond sausage burrito at hardees? Would love to hear your take.

imlistening says:

My family is going to start a vegan night once a week ,thanks to you guys.I love seeing happy healthy blk families. Do you guys have a cash app?

Tracy Silva says:

You guys are making me want to head to Whole Foods tomorrow and it's not close by but I need these!!

Lovely Dove says:

I just subscribed, loving your videos, I’m working on being vegan!

Tamara Johnson says:

Can't wait for the cookbook. 🥰🥰🥰

Ellen Kincaid says:

I thought Ju'st Egg was in the stores! I might have to get some soon as my kitchen is done


That looks good. I will definitely try it ! The nutrition facts are not bad at all ! OMG I CRACKED UP when you said "You're too close Mon"…Dylan..Dylan..Dylan !!! 🤣 I want you to know I JUST said that to my uncle because he wasn't practicing social distancing. He instantly got the joke because he saw that episode too ! #ispithotfiyah 🤣😂

it’s me tiff says:

Hey guys! Another great video, and Wes too…too cute

Mo n says:

Welcome to the vitamix family 🤗- hope you guys got the dry cup too! I've had mine for 10 years and it hasnt lost steam

Mo n says:

If I had a dollar for the amount of hmm… yums… and mmms in this video 😆😆😆😆. They look so good! And I'm a meat eater, so when I saw the browned sausage… I was like 😯

Mo n says:

Y'all play too much 😂😂 love it! 😍🤗

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