My Perfect VEGAN Bread Recipe

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My Perfect VEGAN Bread Recipe
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Written recipe is on my Facebook page:

You’re going to love my vegan bread recipe. This recipe makes
2 good sized loaves of bread.

– butter FREE
– egg FREE
– milk FREE

Don’t follow a VEGAN lifestyle ? – don’t worry !

This recipe is for everyone. My recipe produces a great
loaf of white bread, that you will enjoy – I promise !

Moist, fluffy and just plain delicious !

I show you every step, in a very easy to follow way. I do not skip
anything, I include every detail possible, so you can succeed making bread in your home.

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Leo says:

Best vegan recipe EVER!

Karen Lea says:

Thank you! It’s so easy and delicious 💛

Fuschia B says:

looks delish. Can you use spelt flour for this bread?

Murielle David says:

I can’t find your recipe on facebook

tulipvalley111 says:

absolutely lovely!

Vincent Rock says:

Wow…..amazing teacher

Analine Tsepal says:

Is this a gluten free recipe?

Karen Tysver says:

findinga written recipe on your fb page is not easy.. Can you post it above?

Kathy Stewart says:

I made this recipe in my auto bread-maker, DELICIOUS. I added ingredients in this order water, oil, salt, flour, sugar, yeast then pushed start.

Monica Hernandes says:

My first time making bread. It was amazing. Everyone loved it. Fast and easy to make. Cheaper than buying bread in stores. Will try with whole weat next time as well. Thank you for such a bread recipe

SuperModerngranny says:

I used this recipe for my bread machine and it turned out awesome!

quasha89 says:

Hi, I'm currently waiting on the bread to proof, but i have some questions I'm hoping you'll be able to answer. I used my kitchenaid and the dough repeatedly crawled up the hook, would you know why that happened or if oiling the hook next time would prevent this? Also, when some of the dough did stick to my hand while i was held while oiling the bowl, does this mean i didnt knead it enough? Thanks in advance

pathfinder says:

Hey, Mark, not everyone uses Facebook! I would love the written recipe, but don't have an account. I asked my wife to look on her Facebook, but the written recipe is nowhere to be seen. If it's hidden somewhere, that is not much help! If I'm making this with whole wheat flour, is it the same proportions?

Leah C says:

Followed measurements to the t. What if consistency is still sticky? Iv been at it at the machine for so long and its still sticky…finally added some more flour in hopes of it to not be as sticky but Im afraid to add too much as consistency is still sticky…

Laurel KE Rossow says:

Just made this. It turned out amazing! I didn't have a loaf pan so I did the second rise on an oiled baking sheet and bake it on that. Turned out wonderful. I froze one half to proof and bake later. We'll see how that goes!

In The Mix says:

Absolute Champion. Gave me the confidence to try this and it's worked out PERFECTLY. I've even tried it with 25% wholemeal flour and it worked great too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Peter Nacey says:

I've made this bread three times now and each time it has come out absolutely perfect. The instructions are clear and the bread is absolutely delicious…. takes like bread used to taste. Thank you

Maryann Surette says:

I love that you explain everything in detail, I have tried to bake for years and failed every time so I gave up..until now. I made bread and it was perfect, I am vegetarian and my two sons are vegan my husband will eat anything I cook. I got a stand mixer because I have serious arthritis in both hands and at 60 I can bake. Thank you I did subscribe to your channel and I bake now.

Chairun Nisya says:

Hi Mark I recreated this bread but the only issue I have is that my bread was falling apart, it's just as fluffy but it's falling apart

miaubella says:

wow i gotta try this

Shawn Hanson says:

How long will it last in the freezer?

Agnes says:

So I did 2/3 whole wheat and 1/3 plain… you are right.. it took a longer time to rise.

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