MEAL PREP FOR BREAKFAST » 3 easy recipes

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Pick Up Limes says:

Savoury or sweet breakfasts… which one’s your jam?

The Z Word says:

Yogurt bars are super delicious but it would be 1 million times easier if you put it in icecube trays. Then you have easy bite sizes and you don't have to cut it up

Beth Sikora says:

For the oatmeal could I substitute the tahini with something else?

Elham AlHarbi says:

I just wished that this video never ended 💔

Marina C says:

Could you leave the bars in the fridge to store them?

Pip says:

I like your recipes a lot. Also this ‘healthy’ granola. But let’s set things straight: of course it’s not oilfree or sugarfree! Tahini (amount in this recipe): 89 gr fat (compared to oliveoil: 159 gr), dades: 72 gr sugar (compared to granulated sugar: 120 gr). You also have to add the fat from the dades: 4,8 gr. So, despite it’s less than the comparison, you can’t say ‘free from’!

Seulgi Im says:

They all look like vegan recipes…I think I am in a wrong place

everberry51 says:

What can I use instead of nut butter?

Budji Tresvalles says:

Im drooling 🤤!!!

Valorie Gonzales says:

Thats not 1 centimeter

Jet Set Fork says:

I'm here for the savory samosa wraps 😋

Kelly V says:

Would fresh spices be good here as well? I have a small herb garden.

Danielle Weaver says:

What pan did you use? I see it shows the cast iron but not the pan.

Cydea says:

the sriracha avocado sweetpotato one looks amazing!!!!! i need it!

Rebecka Nilsson says:

What kind of food processor do you use?

Zoila-Justine Dayao says:

Not a vegan but love your channel – new subscriber 😊

Marie-Eve Watteyne says:

Do you think the breakfast bars could work with dairy yogurt? Or it wouldn't freeze so well?

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