Marching On Day 28 Vegetable Paella

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Vicky's World says:

This looks lovely deb thanks for sharing ❤️ yes you’re right we need to keep marching and try our best to stay positive. Sending my love to you andrew and Charlie xx

Deb Doubleday says:

Thank you for your words of positivity Debbie, you both keep well too xx

Linda Kelly says:

Thanks Debbie for this blog it really hit the spot for me as I am at home now all the time nice to hear that you are thinking of us all.
Hope Andrew is ok as I know he works so hard as well

doris downie says:

Looks great a nice recipe x

Saberah Koya says:

Thanks Debbie xxx

Kizzy Slimming says:

who doesn't love a one pot dish , I do love rice and that looks very easy to make , xx

Patricia King says:

Looks very nice will give that a try

Stacy S says:

I enjoy all of your vlogs. I enjoy watching both the recipes and your honest approach to SW. I consider you a friend, you are one of the most uplifting people I know. Tell Andrew to teach us more about his beautiful approach to British cooking. I’m following his techniques and yes, I have an ActiFry and those potato chips, his style absolutely work!!! I honestly would love to see Andrew on his own YouTube channel. He is talented, informative and very understandable. More than that, instructions always come out. I appreciate his help! Debbie, I’m 61 yrs old and healthy but home as much as I can. Your videos are precious and so uplifting!!! Hugs to you both and please stay healthy! All the best to everyone’s parents!!!

Martha Moody says:

That looked tasty Thankyou Debbie x

Caroline C says:

Hi Debbie. Your "Marching On" blogs have not only been aptly named but a blessing at this unprecedented time, thank you. I'd much rather watch your recipe vlogs, you explain the steps extremely well. This looks delicious and so simple. Think I'd miss the meat too, but as you say, I could throw some chicken in it. Stay safe, and regards to Andrew, a probably unsung key worker. 💜

Jaqueline Highfield says:

That looks lovely must have a go at this, stay safe you & hubby & doggie thanks for sharing would rather watch you than SW xx

Debbie Waddon says:

Hi Debbie that's my kind of food looks delicious,hope you are both keeping well take care xx

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