Making BEEF from WALNUTS? | How to Make High Protein Vegan Ground Beef Recipe

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Today I tried to see if I could make vegan ground beef from walnuts & sunflower seeds! If you ever wanted a beef substitute for tacos, nachos, shepherd’s pie, sloppy joes, or a twist on Hamburger Helper, this High Protein Vegan Ground Beef recipe is for you! It’s got approx 47g of plant protein! Let me know in the comment section what food/meal you want me to try next 🙂


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Edgy Veg says:

What wild internet food hack should I try next? I may even try out your suggestion!🌱

Starcat says:

Love that top! Where’s it from?

mike arasta says:

Disgusting fake meat. No wonder you are so depressed, but hey you saved that cow. hahahah enjoy that vomit you made.

Tommy Vee says:

I didn’t know that about walnuts, interesting fact 🙂

meyaiw melaitau says:

Love this! New to vegan food but appreciate faux meat that's not made from soy. Thank you for sharing. Love watching your videos

Isabella Dugarte says:

looks genius omg

Isabella Dugarte says:

omg so curious looks so good thanks at least looks ver yhealthy love nuts. your top look so gorgeous

Heather Stephens says:

Would this recipe freeze well?

LolloRosso says:

I love it that you are making the recipe a bit cheaper by also using sunflower seeds. Thanks for sharing!

doozledazzle says:

ground walnuts are the BEST ground beef replacement imo! I love the ground walnut/red lentil combo in pasta sauces or chilli. I find the texture just right 🙂 I will try this recipe in a shepherd's pie

Deba Dev says:

Could you make it into a paste to make a sausage roll

joy54321 says:

I agree with the comments suggesting sundried tomato. In a pinch, I have also used tomato paste and a little water or veggie broth to make it saucy. Thanks for the great video Candice!

נטלי אביב says:

So creative and inspiring! Thanks 🙂

Marie Neely says:

So using a Drench cheese makes you middle class? I had no idea!! I'm afraid that Americans jump on a fad and misapply certain words where they don't belong. For instance the word bougee comes from bourgeois which means middle class. I hope people will learn to use words in their proper context but unfortunately it's just getting worse.

Zel says:

100% will try that this week.
That color on the top looks good also

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