MAKING A SIMPLE VEGAN OKONOMIYAKI || Vegan Japanese Street Food (Japanese Pancake) | That Vegan Dad

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Simple ingredients to make a very delicious Vegan Okonomiyaki. Simple Vegan Recipes



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먹ꡬ ν•˜μž says:

Made similarly well. Please make Korean food after watching my video!

Relaxing Nature says:

Wow! I love your recipe for making a simple Vegan Okonomiyaki, Specially because you got right to the point! Short and concise video, Bravo! Thank you for having me on your channel, I have Subbed and hit your bell notification πŸ”” to stay connected with you. Let's stay connected and in touch, You have a new committed and loyal friend here ❀️🌹

Tracey Costa says:

These look great. Was that kewpie mayo you drizzled over bbq sauce at the end? Is Kewpie vegan?

Justin K says:

These look amazing!

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