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Master V says:

I like the ramen but not this shit

Erica is epic says:

OH NO!!!! The vegans…….They got the ramen, nOT THe rAmEN

Coolboxer2 says:

Wait so, cholesterol is non-vegan.

Choose Nature says:

She puts food in her ramen… Stupid vegan

OOOFIE A Fan me dudes says:

You must *HATE* kylie jenner and stop saying she is cruel its rude

Toriku’s universe says:

“CrUeLtY fReE”

Supernova Sehun says:

I puked at the sight of the ramen ,

Maddisson Malott says:

Non of the regular foods are not beaten or abused

Maddisson Malott says:

Eggs are not abused sis

Mauricio Cruz says:

This bitch is crazy “ hey you see that vegan girl over there she’s crazy yo that bitch is crazy”

jonathan andersson says:


Arabella Benken says:

Because I believe in spreading positivity, I'm going to say have a nice week!

Julie Rubi Salazar says:

That vegan egg looks disgusting!!🤢🤮

Britnee Nicole Dee says:

Then it’s not really the Kylie recipe huh..

Cat Glez says:

i wanna drop kick her but i can’t stop watching

walter says:

asians have left the server

Ali Khan says:

You and Alinity can be good friends

Tomaz Udovic says:

@Sorsha why cant i see how much likes/dislikes u have on your videos

Tomaz Udovic says:

"I love everyone, but dumb, ugly, nonvegan ppl should die or be killed" she just a dumb bitch, that thinks her subscribers are her fans but they are actually just mocking her, but whatever, she doesnt deserve to die even though she is an ugly, dumb, spoiled……….. Bitch

Sofie says:

She's all for veganism, but i have a question, where do you buy your clothes?

Ivy Romanoff says:

vegan egg wtf

Yugioh says:

Memories never change, can we can as soon as possible sorsha as I have alot yo say to you hunny xxxx

rolf778 says:

Dumb bitch asks the world to get rid of stupid people in the world.

44R0N says:

THIS WHOLE CHANNEL is better on mute.

Oliver .Limingoja says:

WoW thanks!

YOUR DAD says:

UGLY FUCKING THOT, shut the fuck up you loser

inflatedsoda says:

and egg is an egg you can have a VEGAN EGG. ITS NOT REAL. ur not vegan. ur stupid.

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