Kristin And Jen Try Every Trader Joe's Vegan Food | Kitchen & Jorn

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Kristin and Jen (AKA Kitchen & Jorn) try all of Trader Joe’s vegan foods!

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Video edited by: Kelly Duong


The Kitchen & Jorn Show says:

We love y'all! Thanks for watching! Give us a smoochie or a comment if you wanna see more!

natalie sarafian says:

The riced cauliflower bowl is delicious HUH

Adalynn Carroll says:

the cheddar slices have been sitting in my fridge for months cause i gagged after the first one but dont want to waste the pack. It's like literal cardboard.

Marisa Jo McDowell says:

I love the riced cauliflower bowl. A lot.

Allison Bartels says:

Okay someone please catch me up because I'm old and terrible at keeping up with all my vloggers… #1 did ladylike die? Did covid kill it? 🙁 Or did Kristen and Jen leave buzzfeed like the Try Guys? #2 Is Kristen being supportive of our LGBTQA community saying "partner" and not using pronouns or did she leave her husband? Because I thought they were adorable together and that'll make me sad. (I'm not judging though! I'm an ally. Just curious!)

Carolyn Girard says:

I started watching this before I worked at Trader Joe's. As now over a year of working here I still very much am obsessed with these reviews and this is often shared on the Trader Joe's employee group chat on Facebook

Relectrod says:

yasss plants

Ariana Mika says:

Ooo A trader joes asian food episode would be great! I heard the frozen korean ribs are fantastic

Little Miss Ayla says:

Blind taste testing real cocktails vs mocktails.

Little Miss Ayla says:

Sugar-free 'sugary' snacks for your diabetic viewers, please and thank you!

okapiflame says:

woah I didn't realize you two had your own channel until today. I can't believe YT didn't recommend something before now.

Colleen Nothankyou says:

Where is your dress from?

UnderConstructionProduction says:

Every blueberry type thing in Trader Joe's. I dunno. Might be good.

Unfiltered Kayla says:

I'd love to see y'all do an episode where you make DIY props for the show. May I suggest an actual penalty box? 😝

Unfiltered Kayla says:

The baby Owen Wilson noises just about made me spit out my drink

Marlee Matthews says:

I didn't like vegan cheese until like 2 months ago but I've been vegan for 8 months hahaha

Tanvi Kausar says:

I've been missing you guys so much!!😢 and I just came to know about these videos like right now😢😢
I'm so happy!!💜💜

Barbara Corso says:

Will you two do a Holiday TJ taste test?

Alexy says:

stop apologizing for the technical issues – I never even notice any!!! you guys are doing your best and doing a great job at it.

beadpoet says:

Ask the trader Joe's employees three favorite/hated trader joes brand foods and try those. 🙂

Fatima Abid says:

why don't you guys do best burger or best pancake type videos where you are out and about . this trader Joe's thing is getting a little repetitive

Grape Fuzz says:

I don't know why, but the image of Jorn gingerly holding the beefless patty like a cookie or hockey puck was absolutely hysterical to me 9:20

MatzahBallPlaylist says:

🤦🏼‍♀️ You have to cook it right. The meatless meatballs are best cooked simmered in sauce. Fake ground beef is not meant to be eaten without any seasoning, just like you wouldn’t eat regular beef without seasoning, and that Vegan Mac is delicious when it’s heat up correctly. But I agree, the Trader Joe’s vegan shreds are disgusting.

tiny munchkin says:

you two make me so incredibly happy 😀

Jessica Munson says:

I love how Kitchen and Jorn always get the number wrong 😂

Emily Monfet says:

Keep doing you ♥️ love your personalities together!!! Just subscribed

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