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I can’t gather enough words to explain to you how grateful I am to be apart of your lives! I know it may seem silly, to eat and talk in front of a camera, but you all have truly become a big part of my life as well. I started uploading mukbangs, on my first channel, because at the time, my dinners were alone, so I needed a friend. You guys quickly filled that spot up for me, and I’m truly thankful for that. As time went by, mukbangs became my life, and I’m so glad I started a separate channel for it. I appreciate you all so much, thank you for allowing me to be unapologetically who I am. Your kindness, love and support never goes unnoticed. I hope we will always enjoy meals together! Bonappetitties!

Welcome to my Mukbang Channel 🙂 If you’re a food lover like I am then you are in the right place! I’m excited to share with you a variety of different foods from all over the world in my videos – whether we are cooking or enjoying a meal together. If you’re not familiar with “Mukbang” videos, these originated from South Korea, it’s an online eating show where individuals enjoy their favorite meals in front of the camera while engaging in conversations with their followers. I’m really happy to be sharing how I make and indulge in my favorite dishes, now you will always have a friend to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with! This channel is a place filled with positivity, please always remember to be respectful and kind to one another as we share our love, appreciation and culture through food! Hope to see you in the comment section, love you lots and I hope my videos encourage you to be open to the world around us!

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Montana Allard says:

where is this dress frommmm😭😭😭😭

Paloma Villarreal-Banda says:

Love the dress! So cute.

nilmotijnu says:

I wish we can be friends in real life 😭😭

Ki'Nyah Savage says:

10:58 it be like that

Jesus Cruz says:

Today I was having a bad day, but your videos always make my day Kim. Thank you for your content! Love love love ya! ❤

Sadaf Khan says:

Kim I So enjoy your mukbangs. Where is your dress from??????

Waheeda Deen says:

Kimmm I tried doing my bun the way you showed Michelle and now I refuse to do my bun any other way lmao. This is now my permanent hairstyle

Lacey Barr says:

How to make kimchi video please

Iqin Evalah says:

That's my fav ramen too! I find tat i cant eat it together with kimchi because the ramen soup already salty.

renee lopez says:

You have always been and have shown the beauties of life. You’re a wonderful person to everyone around you best of everything to you and your family

Carley Carpenter says:

My dog got up from cuddling when the phone rang 😭😭😭😭😭 still love you though 😊

Nancy Lopez says:

What does kimchi taste like? I want some sooo bad

Gretchen Ann says:

Does anyone know where her dress is from? It’s so cute!

Cindy N says:

I like to eat my food hot, esp soups and noodles so you holding your noodles up so long to talk and stuff, I’m like 😧 “hurry, eat it, it’s getting cold” lol

Mahina Lani says:

You make noodles look so yummy!!!!!

Krystle Morton says:

Can you show what kinda ramen you eat

Gabrielle Brundage says:

omg would you guys do senior pictures??

Eliza Parrish says:

Kim, do you know any store bought kimchi brands you recommend? 👀

Ha3lyrocks says:

I tried Kimchi at a Korean bbq place and I fell in love with kimchi since. And I’m not that type of person to eat many vegetables and especially trying new things

WavyBlk Queen says:

She's a hustler I love that.

Song Yang says:

Cute dressss wher did you get it!?

Sami Naz says:

You actually read comments omg Kim I love you and I love watching you eat rameen

Kimberly Diaz says:

I have the veggie ramen and kimchi. Umm I know what I'm having for lunch.

Sheka Eats says:

i definitely recently tried kimchi at a hot pot restaurant and i didnt enjoy it. im like maybe its supposed to be served hot lol idk.

Mey Mey says:

You should make a photography Instagram so new clients can get a feel and look on how your photos looks.

Alize Henry says:

I think you should make photography videos 😭 I started getting into photography and I’m always watching photography videos especially if it’s like the “follow me around a photo shoot” type and I would love to see one of my favorite YouTubers take pictures and edit them ❤️

Wendy shona says:

What's kimchi made of guyz please answer

Camille Jamellah Cansino says:

Hi Kim we are planning to go to Vietnam this December and kind of unsure where to go (Ho chi minh, Hanoi , or Da Nang)
Da Nang seats between the other two cities and it's gonna be a 16 hour bus ride . Do you have sum suggestion for a 5d4n trip?

How to says:

🍇🌱🍑🌱🌍BE VEGAN🌍🌱🍑🌱🍇

Tylene Billie says:

what is the best store bought kimchi to get?

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