Kids Try Vegan Soul Food 'For the First Time' | All Def Comedy

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What happens when we put three adorable kids in front of some vegan soul food? Will they be able to stomach it? What should they try next? Tell us in the comments below! #ADD #FortheFirstTime

Producer: Josh Gonzales
Director: Sydney Kim
DP: Adam Bial
Camera Operators: Josh Gonzales, Patrick Houston
Edited by: Bahiyjaui Allen

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Kids Try Vegan Soul Food ‘For the First Time’ | All Def Comedy

All Def Comedy


Jay Tay says:

Lmao "what can they eat" I feel you lil guy

Tammy Pham says:

The kid in the middle is the leader that orchestrates all their shenanigans, the kid on the left (dreads) is the smart mouth with the witty punchlines and comebacks, the one on the right it the crazy random wild card. Lol

cris says:

Ayo is dat dylan😭

Aaron Rose says:

Lmao it’s NOT Mac n cheese it’s just MACARONI

Mel Of The Internets says:

food sewing _______________________

lelechim says:

These kids are too cute 🤣

Tj Rawal says:

So why do you think they put a stick inside?
Oh so we can eat it that stick, break our teeth, get two dollars, and go home…

Your favorite Random gyal says:

Part 2 please.

Jessica Shelton says:

Its a toe 😂😂

Abra Cadavra says:

Vegan soul food .

Comes back with bland fast food products.

Hood Moms says:

😂😂😂 this was funny

Brittany Williams says:

It's a TOOOEEEE!!!!🤣🤦‍♀️❤

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