Is Japanese Vegan Food Actually Good?

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Vegan food in Japan can be harder to find than you’d think.


►Motsuji Temple(毛越寺)

► Hiraizumi Rest House (Vegan Cuisine)

► Gold Reta Hiraizumi (ゴールドレンタ平泉)

► Takkoku no Iwaya (達谷窟)


Abroad in Japan says:

I'm surprised nobody has made a series yet driving from Hokkaido to Kyushu on a Go Kart. Perhaps I can be the first and then write a book about it.

timber19 wolf99 says:

Heck yeah its good they soak all the vegetables in bacon fat

Ben Burrito says:

Might as well just chew 5gum to stimulate my senses, cus I'm broke to go to japan

604josh says:

Verdict: Vegan food is trash.

Victor Vålnad says:

I just love Ryotaro. Hope I will someday meet him. He seems so nice and funny.

Chris Breen says:

Does the restaurant you go to have a special formula for the batter they use on the tempura? Tempura batter is usually made with a lot of egg/egg-yolk, which means that it is not vegan friendly

Krishna Rao says:

Title is misleading

Killer 121 says:

JJapanese vegan food ? Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha

Tipya Ro says:

Nice video but wish you spoke more about how the vegan food tasted


Probably your most boring video. Yuck!

Jason Hummer says:

Answer is no

Jeremy Metcalf says:

Veganism is only healthy when supported with a religious foundation.

Far too many "vegans' don't take it 100% serious, and do more harm to their bodies, than good.

Amyl The Plotagon User says:

I'M DYING FOR THAT FOOD!!!!!! (Came here for vegan Japanese food. I am so satisfied 😋😋😋 but now I'm even more hungry 😔)

Kyouma Hououin says:

Vegans are fāggots

Wobbly says:

Zazen Boys.

Larissa H says:

I'm watching this for the second time now. Chris could you try out some of the vegan restaurants in japan or try out

alex carter says:

Ridiculous! Everyone knows in Edo Japan they rode Honda 90's.

OllamhDrab says:

Pretty sure 'good Vegan food' is pretty much a contradiction in terms unless you happen to want things that happen to be Vegan. Vegetarian can be hard enough, but the whole Vegan 'ideology' isn't usually good nutrition. (And of course they get ideological about it, which is obnoxious projection cause they aren't as well balanced as they want to believe.)

A friend who used to periodically want to be Vegan was always reciting memes like, "On average, herbivorous animals live 25 percent longer," I'm like, "They also spend eighty five percent of their waking hours chewing. Also, every time you go veggie I gotta fix up another used car cause you end up in a ditch every time you do this. After being bewildered and clumsy a few months and trying to believe it's good for you when you're obviously mentally-impaired enough to think it's ecologically-sound to drive sixty miles for something officially 'Vegan.'"

You know, pick your battles. Be actually mindful of what you do, don't just pick a label like it's a religion and compromise everything else and crash your damn car cause you can't think straight. Never mind blame someone else for not participating in malnourishing your brain. I'm not exactly the poster child for the ideal diet, but if you eat less, you're probably better off than binge-and-purge schemes we get in the West.

There's a tendency in the West to mistake 'deprivation' or 'pain' for 'virtue,' (it's kind of ingrained, even) but it's just not really paying attention. "Oh, great, you burned ten gallons of gas and scrapped a Camry , and a Subaru, and a Corolla, and to save the world half a cow fart cause somehow doing the math, or keeping your brain in a state where you can do the math got lost somewhere. Then they're like, 'If everyone stopped eating meat, it'd be great!"

And, no, that's not quite what species we are.

I mean, some people can be vegetarian or Vegan pretty OK, and function: a lot of people in the world can't. It's like being gay or straight or right or left-handed. You can't just decide to make your brain and nervous system and such function those ways: you can or you can't. And probably shoudn't. I mean, our host here is left-handed, why should he go out of his way to suck at being right handed?* Starving his brain of nutrients wouldn't help that even if it were worthwhile. I've had other friends who tried to go Vegan and ended up kind of constantly hungry for certain energy drinks. I didn't have the heart to tell them it was cause they were made with animal products and they wouldn't get any smarter in their current state if I pointed this out.

Jamie Caldwell says:

I have to steer clear of seafood because I'm allergic so this video was extremely helpful when I visited Tokyo! I had no idea there was still parts of fish even in things like the broth of noodles. So this helped me out greatly <3

Lilly Kaaos says:

Who else is still crispy whacked in 2019? x'D

KeyeGamer says:

Would love to go to Japan but problem is i hate all fish type food and love pizza and cheese based foods which tends to be something Japan doesn't cater to much, how the Japanese get by without pizza is beyond me.

John Mor says:

I ate Vegan food in Vietnam at a temple and it was all extremely good. I wish I asked how it was made tho. Alot of Rice paper/noodle stuff

Debbie Marquis says:

If Chris excitement had a would be..bland…

Antonin Meissner says:

his name is reegan and he is a vegan

Krissy Diggs says:

Your friend is the cutest man. 💕

Tumm Timmins says:

Damn boi ryotaro thicc

David Tatung Hwang says:


Taylor Britt says:


trytorememberallthis says:

More vegan food videos please!

Pagan Hare says:

That all looks amazing 😍 I'm vegan so どうもありがとうございます (I hope Google translate didn't mess that up 😅)

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