Irish People Try Vegan Food (Milk, Turkey, Gummy Bears, …)

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“It’s definitely something that’s been made in a lab.”

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We got a load of carnivores together and asked them to compare vegan food with their meat alternative.

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Drew Shourd says:

I LUV this channel…but I greatly dislike the half bald headed negative Nancy you guys keep asking back…so when I even see his pic…I will not watch it…that man/child hates everything seemingly…

Swish says:

The guy with the glasses and beanie is entirely too self referential

dell wright says:

they are to dramatic.

Ghostman Invisible says:

There is a vegan looking for your address right now. Lol

Vegan Sunflower says:

Rice milk is the worst. Of course they gave them the worst vegan milk

Silvia Summers says:

You changed your format! Go back to two people per table.

lola bola says:

I couldn't understand a thing the hairy guy was saying 🤣 he was like protesting all the time

Tri Tebs says:

Yeah tofu dogs are not the best. But rice milk my guys you've got me there

Brandon Topicz says:

Screw u vegans n ur food be a real carnivore…eat real food…need ur meat protein u skinny and or fat weaklings …lol just want to see the negative comments flood in😘😜🤣

Lance Waddel says:

Weird brown finger of mystery lmao 😆

Gloria Ogunfowokan says:

Man said the cornflakes will leave the bowl

Carol Hayes says:

Who the hell puts catsup on a hot dog!!!! Mustard! Mustard!

urabampot says:

ive killed and eaten damn near everything you can imagine, but ill have to hold off on my opinion until i actually eat a vegan

Rosida Andriyana says:

life is not fair. meat eaters took everything in this world..

W. C. says:

How to get milk from rice, from it’s little , tiny tits. The hard partis distinguishing between male and female rice.

Rosida Andriyana says:

eating meat is terrorism

Dakota Lenzi says:

Eat your good meat or we will be overrun by tyrant pigs and cows the size of tanks people!!!

Eddi PL says:

Tbh I don’t really care if is vegan or not, just feed me with good food and don’t tell me what it is.

Rick HatesMisleadia says:

Some vegan snacks and food are good. The diet isn't. Just look at the stomachs of herbivores compared to ours. They are very different for a reason and have multiple chambers or stomachs to properly break down plant life to sustain a healthy mammal. Especially raw plant life. And if you want to get all preachy about killing something then why kill plants? Plants are living therefore something still died to go into your belly! And FYI, if the entire population went vegan you could never grow enough crops to feed even half of them!

Val White says:

Really surprised they liked it, considering it was some of the worst.

Bishop Grey says:

Oh and dayia key lime cheezecake and sodelicious dipped ice cream bars.

Bishop Grey says:

Need to revisit this with VioLife cheezes, impossible burgers, beyond sausages, quorn vegan spicy chkn patties, and ripple PeaMilk.

Mindy Brown says:

The only rice milk I like is horchata. I drink coconut milk. Cannot stand cows milk.

Riley DogStorm says:

I think I find all the people who are freaking out in the comments funny as hell. I will always stay a hunter and a meat eater.

Miguel menezes says:

the dude that looks like one of the three musketeers is funny as fuck

Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio says:

Tell them the prices and i'm pretty sure they will think twice about their picks.

Stark says:

You know meat is awesome cause vegans do they're best to replicate it.

John barfneck says:

no pets were harmed in the making of this video…………………..

VeganMommyof2 says:

They need to re do taste testing vegan food!!!

Irish taste test TGIF fries and Beyond Meat burger 🍔

Robert Reynolds says:

Ah fuck veagans smell dirty and look like their 5days from deaths door. Extremely small percentage of america. If we where meant to eat only vegetables our teeth would be completely different. That said i do eat vegetables fruits nuts sea food and things " not by preference" that would make a billy goat puke! Ive been many places in this world usially very poor and alot of times violent. Most people givin the choice would gladly eat a cow, pig, lamb, goat, cat, dog, hell any thing meat. I know this because ive been there and witnessed it. People that are veagan fine. But dont talk shit to me about eating meat and the mortality issues of killing bamby etc. I was an avid hunter for many years from 4yrs on. I simply choose not to kill any more, ive had enough of it in my life. But i sure dont look down on other hunters for doing it. Oh yea in my late 20s i worked at a slaughter house. Processing 300 head of cattle per day. I was maintenance for all the equipment. That kill floor was an amazing place. 30 men working in a fluid motion. Anyway the only reason i feel so against veagans is thier preaching about animals etc. I was in california a good portion of my life. And for some inexplicable reason i would run into a veagan earth first type person. Due to my training i just kept my thoughts to my self but Jesus Christ in a sidecar, i would receive unsolicited advice on the crimes people committed aganst the world as a whole. Id be bitting the inside of my mouth until i got back home to my family or friends. They would stare at me in disbelief and say why does that always happen to you? I'd answer fuck if i know. The good part is when i left cali that has not been an issue. Well I've been told and believe that most vegans and earth first people are basically one in the same. Jolly good for them and people like me over 90% of poulation good for us.

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