Irish People Taste Test Vegan Cakes

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“Are they free range lemons?”

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More Information:
With so many vegan varieties of food available these days, we decided to have some of our regular contributors come in and see what they thought of some of the vegan cake options!

Recipes used:
Apple gingerbread cake:
Cookie Dough Brownie Cake:
Chocolate cake:
Blueberry strawberry banana ice cream cake:
Lemon cake:

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People featured in this video:

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CoyoteMac says:

Irish seem to love Matilda

waheyrayray says:

Right there with ya on the bananas – they're fucking evil.

Renee Elias says:

Its an abomination!

escapethedark1 says:

Nicole was hilarious

Mako N says:

Vegan food can be okay.. except their cheese imitations. Their food is easier to stomach than they are.

trevor honicutt says:


Lucy T says:

I want cake now xx

Bethany Cook says:

Are they free range lemons??
I'm dead🤣🤣🤣

Mike Horton says:

Love the comment " how many cows are killed to make a glass of milk" !!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, FOR REAL? WTF!!!!

thank you but no says:

Brownie, vegan is good. Don't be silly, brownie. Don't be a fussy cow

Cindy O says:

Who else tries to predict the quote they will use in the video description? I knew I'd get it right one day. "Are they free range lemons?"

Sherry H. says:

Is it common for Irish people to eat cake with GIANT SPOONS?

angelina says:

i want somebody to look at me the way Donal looks at that cookie dough brownie cake….instead what usually happens is “it’s okay, it’s not great”

angelina says:

0:27 💛💛

Em Liz says:

Nicole is my favorite and so beautiful

William Pichardo says:

All you really need is a good cook/baker with a sense for what works and what doesn't.

Bare'l Barthis says:

these arent vegan they all have eggs in em lol

Paul Davis Jr. says:

Nicole is extremely gorgeous

Jazmn Rose says:

"Think about how many cows are killed for a glas a milk?" – Who the fuck kills cows to get at the milk, that would be like ripping off a guys dick to give em a blow job.

qtpysusie54 says:

Knew it would be an improvement over the Japanese cookies.

Damon Boler says:

She thick tho 😂😂😂💀

Ossama Beverly says:

yeah, most vegan stuff I tried tasted like cardboard or dirty socks. where did that get that cake?

Regel Cordero says:

Nicole you're so very sexy

tyranomegosaurus says:

how does someone have a fear of bananas? what is scary about a banana?

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