Incredible Homemade VEGAN NACHO CHEESE SAUCE – Nut-Free & Soy-Free! | The Wicked Kitchen

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This is the vegan nacho cheese sauce everyone is talking about! So simple and loaded with plant-based goodness. Sweet potato, cauliflower, chickpea water, oat milk, a roasted jalapeño for a kick in the pants (or not, if you can’t take the heat)…seasonings and voila—you got yourself some insane sauce, partner!

Some ideas for how to use the cheese sauce:

Loaded Nachos ▶︎
Nacho Mac Pie ▶︎


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Video by Ira Chute (@irachute) |
Original Music by Gabriel Naïm Amor (@amorsonic) |

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im baby. says:

Hippie fish food 🤣 I go crazy for nooch

Big T Pulley says:

Lol puts cheese in the cheese

Tara G says:

I have just made this vegan Nacho Sauce. It is quite tasty. I am literally eating my pasta with this sauce recipe. And I had a couple of taco shell pieces dipped in the sauce as I was making the rest of the sauce.

I really like the sweet potato and cauliflower together, yummy. And I had purchased Tesco Free Form Jalapeno and Chilli Cheese block to use as the vegan cheese to this recipe. Yummy.

I will definitely make this vegan Nacho sauce again. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Renée Shorts says:

…thought this video was about making your own vegan cheese sauce, NOT throwing in store bought vegan cheese and stretching it with boiled vegetables…

Jayas Sharma says:

If I had vegan cheese, I wouldn’t be here.

kevinembr says:

Any chance for a printed version of this? The liquids are hard to decifer.

Linda Pesnell says:

❤️Thank You ❤️

AJ says:

how much chickpea water did you use Derek?

scruffykl says:

Disappointing that you add cheese – not only is it expensive but also when you're going to all this effort you might as well make a homemade cheese sauce with nooch etc.

Missy Ann says:

Ugh I want a Vitamix blender soooobad😩😩…cheese looks amazing!!!

Raquel Domingues says:

how much chickpea water do I add or should I eyeball that too like the milk?

Rita Dennis says:

Wow, that really has a great taste. My husband couldn’t believe it had cauliflower in it. Thanks for the terrific videos.

Sandra Davis says:

Thanks so much for the recipe. Definitely giving this a try.❤️

DaBearz95 says:

not even vegan. But I'm fat and often enjoy slathering my body in nacho cheese for taco tuesdays. i'll give this a try as a healthier product alternative

theveganjellyfish says:

This is great, I made a non spicy version without the chilli or the salsa, since I am not a fan of spicy food. It tastes really creamy as though it would be super fattening but it's mostly veg!! I also don't have a proper blender and made this with a stick blender which works just as well. Super! 🙂

onedandylion says:

That looks so good… I want to spoon it over my potatoes!

Tatiana V says:

I never thought to add charred jalapeños, great tip!

japanluv says:

I love veggies with rice or quinoa or baked or soups but I just cant have it like this as a sheeeze sauce :/ I ll pass this time.

Regina Walter says:

I was in until the processed cheese. How does it taste without it. I don't get all those great ingredients and then adding the fake cheese. Sorry.

Eric's Vegan Van says:

I'll give it a try without the purchased cheese. Looks tasty.


this looks so good i have to try!!

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