I Try Making The Vegan Banana Peel Pulled Pork Sandwich

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Watch as Merle feeds unsuspecting coworkers a pulled pork sandwich… except she doesn’t tell them the secret ingredient until after they’ve finished.

Fry up your very own banana peel pulled pork at home in the titanium non-stick fry pan we used in this video: https://bzfd.it/2VmgxQ9

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Bananas on white
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Rafiq Jennings says:

A sandwich only Freelee the banana girl would love. Your friends seem cool as they play these vegan games with you, but I question their sincerity because they appear to sugarcoat their true feelings on these weird vegan recipes. I had to see if banana peels have nutrients. They have tryptophan, which is a mood-enhancing substance that acts like the drug Prozac. That could help you cope with the depression I think you really feel inside for not honoring your body’s cravings for meat.

These constant videos of you exerting a lot of effort into making produce scraps taste like meat, while being consecutively upbeat to the point of artificially, are very telling of your deep cravings for meat. Please honor your body and give the nutrients it can only get from meat.

Paige Harrell says:

Vegans take playing w food to the next level

Isla Reese says:

vegan caviar made from papaya seeds!

welcome2 chaos says:


Okaylah says:

If someone cooked this for me and let me eat it without telling me IM FIGHTING

Lily Blackwell says:

Is he drunk? Bugs aren't vegan…

ryan stan says:

guy with the white shirt: i like bananas a lot
me: is he… you know…

Lulz says:

This is getting out of control

Mara Morais says:

Brasileiros já.há tempo.usam a casca de banana.

Veganóloga says:

Really? They’re grossed out by eating a fruit peel but not eating the corpse of an animal? Ok! 😒

Lori Patton says:

You should try banana peel bacon. Its yum. Even my omnivore daughter loved it!

Justin Jonathan says:

Plot twist, the bread was egg washed

Bradley Bruvva says:

I might start saving banana scraps if this tastes good.. I think the banana peel is full of magnesium which helps you sleep. People sometimes make banana peel tea to drink before bed.

Marcus B. says:

Can we talk about how she said she was gonna put coleslaw on it but just sprinkled cabbage on top

Niki King says:

i think banana peel burger patties was a thing years ago in my country (ph)

Deniz Akdeniz says:

Banana peel shouldn't be eaten cause it has pesticides…

Afiq Diniy says:

What's the asian guy name?

Norah Ahemd says:

Merle cook bacon 🥓 https://youtu.be/s3THGdwl2GQ

Gavin Helgeson says:

You look like a female Robert Patterson

kerryanne28 says:

Have you tried jackfruit as pulled pork?? Can really fool people if you get the seasoning right

ivy Thomas says:

Hey, jus a heads-up. if you try that with raw banana peel it would be much better?!!!

Melissa Quirós says:

I was actually scared of eating it. But it didn't tasted that bad 😂 I still feel weird eating it but eh 😂

B I T C H says:

"it doesn't taste like banana"


100 subscribers without a video challenge says:

I'm the bald guy

Emily Makudi says:

Try making pulled pork with young jackfruit

Mai Givens says:

It's better with spaghetti squash instead of banana peel but the idea is cool

Prototy09 says:

My country is so broke that people use this like sustitude of meat they just trow soy sauce or english sauce to the bowl instead the fancy vegan Stuff

siren says:

you tellin me a vegan banana peel pulled this pork

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