I ONLY ate VEGAN food for 24 hours!! ( and this is what happened.. )

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I ONLY ate VEGAN food for 24 hours!! ( and this is what happened.. )
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I only ate vegan/plant based foods for 24 hours… I filmed the whole thing and here’s what happened!!

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Emilia Emilia says:

lol I’m a vegan. good job on this vid! <3

Leech Leech says:

What is tofo I thought it was toefu?

Leech Leech says:

Would never want to be vegan

ILSE And Emili says:

I’m pescatarian (don’t eat most meat but do eat fish) and I’m trying to go vegan. Does anyone have any tips or cheap recipes.

aka nobody says:

i am vegan and it isn't really time consuming and you will get used to it. And in this day and age there are so many alternatives to everyday non-vegan food.

Cami Jones says:

did anyone else notice at 10:56 her mum in a black wig????

Bee Enn says:

Her pronunciation of tofu could just be her accent, no? Taw Foo sounds British to me

Keira Trangmar-gibson says:

If u get the heck sausages in the orange pack and the blue pack they r the best and I’m not vegan xx

SafeHavenEquine says:

Lol I've never seen someone put ice cream on there pancakes

Sarah Jansén says:

I am vegan and it's super easy when you get used to it 🙂 Great video btw!

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