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Roxi’s Video: https://youtu.be/MXAeFrNacC4
ClickforTaz: https://youtu.be/RBO-XT0nrt8

Business Email: [email protected]

PO Box:
Anastasia Kingsnorth
C/O M&C Saatchi Social
36 Golden Square

♡ Disclaimer – I am not trying to brag, all opinions are my own. I will state in the video and in the description if the video is sponsored by a brand or company.

♡ Where do you live? Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.
♡ How old are you? I am 18, my birthday is October 13th.
♡ What do you film on? Canon EOS 700d
♡ What do you edit on? iMovie.
♡ Will you do a meet up? BIG BEAUTY DAY OUT 2019!

♡ Instagram – www.instagram.com/anastasiakingsnorth
♡ Twitter – www.twitter.com/AnastasiaK_xoxo
♡ Facebook – www.facebook.com/AnastasiaKingsnorth
♡ Social Snapchat – anastasiaa3xo



Anastasia Kingsnorth says:

So I just realised thanks to some of the comments, the mayonnaise in some of the items isn’t vegan! I’m so sorry about that!! It didn’t click when I was eating it🥺💛

Yasmine Elbekhti says:

Get the chicken rice box its amazing

Corey Films says:

If you like them veggie fingers in the burger you should buy some veggie fish fingers sooo tasty and a great alternative if you don’t like fish like me

Lily Bailey says:

Actually well frustrating that you didn’t get to the centre of the toffee pecan cookie where the actual TOFFEE is, that’s the best bit!!! 😂😂😂😫😫 💝💝

Connie Griffiths says:

The McDonald's burger isn't vegan because if the bun and im okay sue the wrap has milk in it

carly says:

6:45 I’m lovin it 💀

Katie Short says:

Is she wearing a bikini lol

Sophia Shaw says:

Papa John's garlic dip is also vegan which is cool ❤️

Catherine Turner says:

Do a week on a £1 a day

Felicity Hart says:

the ‘vegan’ burger has mayonnaise in it, and mayo contains milk and eggs

Reya Price says:

Um the veggie rice box looks like it had mayo in it 😂😂 that has egg in

Nivviii Tamara says:

U need to try the vegan sausage roll again 😶

Slime4Kids says:

I like your video

Tiger Lilly says:

Love the way the burger has mayo in it

Stace B says:

Great idea… lets watch a video about food whlist starving 😂👌

Riti Salkar says:

No hate xx but when it comes to food your so picky but I love your videos❤️

hermela says:

shop at m n s

Amna Khan says:

ABSOLUTELY love your videos especially food videos 😘😘😘❤

Itz_moomae Xox says:

Hey Anastasia, I just discovered your channel it’s so funny I love it 💕

L_k_freeman says:

Love u but it’s really annoying me that your saying SHEESH not SHEESE no “SH” hun 😂❤️🤷‍♀️

Kiara Cooper says:

Kfc never has rice it’s ridiculous 😂

Harry Ward says:

Work for Amazon Flex for a week

Melissa Jane says:

Thought she said she didnt eat the burger "ends" but in this video she is

Charlotte 444 says:

u should do a eating only reduced foods for 24 hours, ly 🙂

Bridgette Kay says:

The papa johns in America has absolutely no vegan options literally just pizza, wings, breadsticks & some desserts

Cheryl Sumner says:

Am I the only person who thinks the vegan "sheese" tastes disgusting?? I usually love vegan cheeses but something about that "sheese" is just foul.

Mickey Mouse says:

You should do 24 hours without using plastic

Rachelouise says:

I’m loving when Ana’s hair is behind her and it looks shoulder length, it looks gooood xx

Nxxve e says:

High key freaking out cus I spy the lakessssss neighbour

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