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to make the veggi meat I used TVP and then I just seaned it, and boy was it so GOOD! let me know if you try it and send me pictures of your plate to my facebook at saveyonfoods


Shiona Curry says:

this broke my heart so much and i just found out a few weeks ago pray for me please because I'm vegan and adventist to and I'm just hurt

Trucking says:

very beautiful tacos

D34tho says:

It still pains no matter how many times it happens

Mary Myers says:

wtf!!! why are you yelling!!??

NubianMax uk says:

Such a Beautiful Soul. R.I.P Sister. sadly missed but NEVER forgotton.

Dauphne McMurry says:

God rest your soul Tamisha. I love your cooking videos and your sewing videos. You had a gift for both. My prayers are with your family.

George Anderson says:

You have such a high pitch voice I can't understand a word you are saying.  You should have let the cook talk.

Cee Miller says:

Lol @ checking the meat in the middle so you want die

WorldOfRandomStuff says:

It's so awful this beautiful, vibrant woman was murdered! RIP. 🙁

poolahpot says:


MegaBrandnewday says:

I have enjoyed several vegetarian recipes and found them to be delicious. I also certainly respect anyones choice to be a vegetarian. But out of fairness to people who do choose to eat meat. Not all meat dishes require you to cook blood, puss, and urine out of the meat. Unless you are eating road kill over an open flame.

Tracie C says:

RIP Young Lady.

Khadeja Parkins says:

 why don't you just shut and just keep on topic

Khadeja Parkins says:

hey you we don't care

Malcolm Yisrael says:

lmao she sound just like me when I'm tryna speak spanish lol!!!

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