How to Watercolor x Tacos! | Food Illustration

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A watercolor and chat video of a yummy recipe for vegan tacos that I recently created. A small run of giclée prints are available on Etsy:×10?ref=shop_home_feat_3

*** materials

+ Arches Watercolor Block :
+ Schmincke Watercolor Palette :
+ Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors :
+ Winsor & Newton Pro Watercolors :
+ Grumbacher Watercolors :
+ Spectracolor pencils
+ Brushes no. 4 + 6

*** music

+ “Ogyama Abere” by Kwaku Addae and his Band via Soundcloud
+ “Backed Vibes Clean” by Kevin MacLeod via Free Music Archive

*** more stuff by moi

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instagram /
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J C Perry says:

Love how you paint the watercolour in layers like on the squash to add more tones.

Plekhanov Shekhar says:

Thank you so much 😊. My mother was telling me that this 🔒 lock down, I should try something creative. When I made this, my mother was very happy 😃

Kim Reed says:

Beautiful! Especially love the colours and detail…and the SA'n music (sounded like it?) 🙂

Mel Dixon says:

I love this video. I’ve come back and watched it a few times now. Lovely! 🧡

T_L 1 says:

Do you have any online courses ?

Carmen Garcia says:

Who are the weird 6 people that would dislike this? Like seriously what the heck

M e d u s a says:

Hello! For the last two weeks I’ve had art supplies in my amazon cart but can’t seem to press the check out button because I am the type of person to get interested in doing something but then give up because things don’t come out the way I want, also, I don’t know much about light and shadows in art pieces, but I guess if I get into watercolor I’ll start to learn. Any advice?

Chimera Artz says:

Omg this was sooo cool. Two of my fav elements: Cooking and Watercolor!! Not sure if I'm good enough to even attempt this level of watercolor painting lol.

Henriette Dyrholm Andersen says:

This is absolutely stunning. If it was acrylic paint I could easily do this, but I feel so intimidated about watercolors I don't know what it is. I want to create my own family cookbook. And I know that I will be getting schmincke horadam aqarell set for christmas. But I am a total watercolor newbie. Could you please tell me if you let the layers on the butternut squash dry conpletly Before adding another layer?

Thu Hari says:

I think you should also show your pallete so that we can see how you mix your color 😀 😀 Thank you!!

Okami Arts says:

I subscribed recently.
I love your content❤

Amira Loutfi says:

this is therapuetic! so beautiful

kekk says:

This inspired me to make some watercolour paintings! You're really amazing at what you do so keep it up!

Joseph Salvador says:

how do u not have a bigger following wtf

Me says:

Love, love, love these type of videos! 😍 Tfs…💕💕💕

leio says:

I loved this video, it really inspired me to get back in to my water color paintings. I know I love doing it but sometimes I need a push. Thanks 🙂

PrettyLadiesPrettyBabies says:

This is beautiful. It would look awesome as a spoonflower print, watercolour veggie fabric <3

Little Lady says:

so beautiful.

Me says:

Love these! Please do more. Beautiful! 💕💕💕

Harun German says:

Check out "Food Illustration: Design a Vintage Style Illustrated Recipe", and get @Skillshare Premium free for 2 months.

Lyndsey Coyle says:

Your voice is so pleasant to listen to. These are great videos!

AyaBlue22 says:

These videos are all so incredibly relaxing …

jawara blake says:

this one is fun.

Julia H.B. says:

I have watched this so many times now! I wish shipping to Sweden was a bit cheaper, then I would buy this print in a heartbeat! I just love this illustration, have you done more recipe circular illustrations?

Linda Smith says:

Thank you. That was a nice video demonstration. Your hand lettering is good.

dimpleliaz says:

Wow I'm glad I've found your channel. Love it!

yuppie trash says:

Thanks for sharing your process! I admit that I squee'd a bit when I saw those Design colored pencils. I just recently acquired a set and have been so delighted by them. Too bad they don't make them anymore! 😣

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