How To Make Vegetarian Quinoa And Roasted Veggie Bowl

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Today we’re learning how to make vegetarian quinoa and roasted butternut squash bowl! I hope you try this homemade recipe and enjoy it!

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Simple And Cozy Vegetarian Quinoa And Roasted Veggie Bowl

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Beet The Rush says:

I hope you try this recipe! If you do, share your creations with me on Instagram @beettherush_

And let me know if there's any other recipe you would want me to make! Stay safe! 💛

Cheoff Geoff says:

New subscriber here and I must say that roasted veggies are the best! They look great. And it makes the house smell amazing. Great looking bowl. Also your cat is super cute. Let's support each other… you keep posting and I'll keep watching. Cheers!

Ngoc Cali says:

Hello! Vegetables roasted is delicious, so healthy my friend

all about food with Christie says:

I do want to learn more, thanks for posting please lets be friends thank you see you there

The Vintage Vegetarian says:

Brilliant!!! Beautiful dish, and a genius way to mix some butternut squash into your diet. Is the orange cat new? That cat looks so comfy.

A Spoonful Of Magic Baking! says:

This looks so good! I love roasted veggies!!

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