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Alice Madness says:

I think only onion is kinda empty…maybe add shredded carrot and cabbage too because vegetables are vegan.

OutcastHeartsCosplay says:

Id like to point out that he didn't just re-use Simon and Martina's video/recorded with them too and used that. Instead, he used his own and re-recorded the recipes/made it again for others to watch o.o Good job!

lovemyalaska says:

More Togashi vids please. 🍜🍣🍤🍥🍡

Tina says:

Saw you on Simon and Martina's channel. You were so much fun to watch Chef Togashi. Would love to see more recipes, please. I noticed you didn't use oil when you cooked with Martina but you did use oil on your video. Is that because of the pan that you used? Can't wait to see more videos.

モンスターフライドポテト says:

Togashi is so cool!!!! Can we see how to make takoyaki? I love that dish so much ❤

bby bokchoy says:

loving this channel cant wait for more recipes!

Sonia Marielle Reyes says:


Shari Rivera says:

Loved your both of your recipes on Simon and Martina's channel. I am now subscribed! More videos please, I wanna learn Japanese cooking!

rinalyn says:

Thank you, Togashi! I'm going to try making this with aquafaba (it's the "water" from a tin of chickpeas) as an egg replacement. 🙂

Kalcarin says:

Hello Togashi 🙂 I watched your video on Simon & Martina's channel (whom I absolutely adore) and now I subscribed to you. I really want to thank you for making a vegan version of this recipe since I am a foodie that has very recently gone vegan and I am having so much trouble finding vegan alternatives to foods that I love! ありがとう!新しいビデオを楽しみします!

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