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These quesadillas are flavorful, crispy, and are capable of much variety! Add salsa or guacamole to your liking and serve alongside rice or with chips! Jalapeno and hot sauce adds that extra spice if you like these spicy! Get the recipe for Vegan Black Bean Quesadillas at:

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h lynn keith says:

Tip: Use half as much filling and fold the tortilla over. Much easier to handle.

Roasting Thyme says:

I need to try this. Looks great 👍

Born Justice Rule says:

great recipe. sub avocado oil for olive oil tho

Anishta Hunma says:

So yummy thank u 😊

Ami's Cooking says:

Very easy and delicious 😋

Joshua Gabriel says:


Hailey Bakes says:

They look delicious😍😋

jake recceas says:

I love your recipe

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