How to Make the Best Homemade Ice Cream and The Science Behind It | Ice Cream | What's Eating Dan?

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This week Dan delves into the science of one of our favorite desserts: ice cream. He explains why texture is so important to our experience of the frozen dessert and explains the formula for getting perfect results at home. Click here to access our Vanilla Ice Cream recipe:

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Sam Sneed says:

Christopher Kimball who? Dan is the man!

T. Cobb’s Eats says:

Fascinating! Dan, your knowledge of ingredients and their characteristics is mind-blowing! I really enjoy learning from you!

praveen karegar says:

that's really going to help me sir could you make videos on the science behind liquid nitrogen icecream and the science behind liquid nitrogen icecream flavours making because liquid nitrogen icecream is bit sweet compare to the normal one so I cannot apply the recipe of Normal icecream to the liquid nitrogen icecream so I request you to make a video on it thank you.💓

Connie Hardwick_ says:

Watching while eating ice cream.

Daniel Miller says:

This was sooo cool! No pun intended.

Beth Wallace says:

Foodgasm meets nerdgasm.

Jeanie_Yuss says:

Why not use egg yolks? It would add viscosity and fat.

Sune Wallentin Goettler says:

You left out the next best thing to liquid nitrogen; saltet ice bath

Brandon L says:

Do the ratios change when you add flavors, such as berries or chocolate?

Indu Kumar says:

Is carageen good for health?

Adley Dason says:

How do the proportions change when I add fruit, like strawberry?

poppy rose says:

Food science makes food so much more exciting

Sam Tanng says:

I can't understand what he said at 1:08 after "super powers, Captain planet, or…"

He says it with a sly smile, but I can't understand it.

Jonathan Wheat says:

Apparently, oyster ice cream was popular in the early 19th century. Dolley Madison often served it at presidential dinners.

Michael Bull says:

Michael Bull. . 18 minutes ago (edited). . Can't wait to try this!!!! By the way, that Gum stuff ruined Breyers ice cream. It totally changed the taste and feel of their ice cream. I was Not sure why but I went from loving it to hating it overnight, then I realized they added Gum to the mix. Now I specifically look for gum and avoid all together. My go to grocery brand is Turkey Hill All Natural Vanilla Bean. Tastes like Breyers used to before the "Gum". 😕. . .

Jason King says:

Dan is soooo gorgeous!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

ottawa says:

Less than 7-minute video clip can replace thousand of dollar college ice-cream course, good!!!
BTW, I want to try that lobster favour ice-cream.

OspreyBravo18 says:

The ice cream maker I used was a hand churner and you added ice and salt to an external chamber. It was made of wood and metal and the ice cream we made was great. It wasn't the best in terms of consistency but it tasted good on pancakes.

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