How to make Spanish Paella. Meat and Vegetable Version! | Thea Kate/XRubyRedLips

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How to make Spanish Paella. Meat and Vegetable Version!

Something different from Thea-xrubyredlips !


Waldorf Lip says:

It's funny to see how people from other countries try to cook Spanish food. Chorizo with paella it's a strange combination ahaha πŸ˜› (I don't trying to be rude)

Ellie Bryan says:

Go home camera, you're drunk

Richard Burton says:

you need a new camera man

Maribel says:

I'm sorry, but that is not paella. I'm from Valencia – Spain and i know it. You should come here and try the real paella. That's what we call "arroz caldoso".

Leah Constantino says:

hahahahahaha the way you say paella. XD

Rabia says:

You use the same spatula for both meat and vegetable dishes?


paella can be made differently by people, and you might of used some of the ingredients for paella, but it shouldn't be wet

Marina Martin says:

Hi, i'm not trying to be rude at all but this is not a paella. The finished product should be dry with no water in it. Rice with water is called arroz caldoso. Just trying to help xx

Millie says:

this comment had me dying with laughter for the whole video, perfect description!

Meg Price says:

Do you realise your using the same spatula for both dishes, meaning there is no point it being a vegitarian dish as your spreading the meat juices to veg x

Nicola Lawson says:

Hey Thea, I love your videos I have been watching them for several years now, you are one of my make up inspirations, it would be awesome if you could head over to my channel and subsribe it would mean a lot to me. Anyone else wanting to subscribe that would be awesome, and I will subscribe back if you have a channel. Once I get 75 subscribers I will do a give away πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading

Sela Kayy says:

Make more!! :))

chaise newman says:

I miss your makeup and quirky hairstyle of the week vedios :/ please come back soon thea we love your vedios

LadyEllex says:

Are you a veggie?

Isabella says:

More cooking videos πŸ™‚ love the vegetarian version

LoudNoises009 says:

I like how you pronounce chorizo. This was a really good video.

Cait Long says:

hahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha well played

Ellie1384 says:

Please do more cooking videos! It makes me want to cook xxxxxx.

Daniella Willis says:

people are so darn picky, not everyone makes food the same way. I looked really nice you should do some more cooking videos. πŸ™‚

Martaamir Alvarez says:

I'm so sorry but this is not a paella! I'm from Barcelona

C says:

@fourthofthesecond LOL. Does it matter how she pronounces something? EVERYONE pronounces words differently jeez some of you people in here will NEVER be happy of grateful she takes a hell of a lot of time to make videos to make you happy and still you all moan about the tiniest things get a grip!

moreanna says:

sorry but im from valencia, spain, where paella is typical and your recipe is not very real!!!

LadySorfirfa says:

Why the chopped vegetables and chicken are so big? I think you should cut them smaller …
Some people also puts green peas.
Very good looking anyway, although your camera had a bizarre effect, hahaha.
Bon appetit!

Alice Howarth says:

Did you mean 'focaccia' bread? It's not pronounced Fokkachi-a, it's foc-at-ch-ia

Amber D says:

You say chorizo so weird! haha, it's pronounced cho-reet-so!

ayatchafaqui says:

That looks delicious!! I really enjoyed this video, thank you so much for this Thea! πŸ˜€ keep it up xxx

Alice Bennett says:

Love this idea, more cooking videos please! Also, if you could, could you do a hair rollers video, for the hair you put on instagram?

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