HOW TO MAKE HUMMUS » 5 ways, healthy & easy

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» Homemade tahini:
» Classic hummus:
» Roasted garlic & red pepper hummus:
» Golden turmeric hummus:
» Vibrant beetroot hummus:
» Green pea edamame & mint hummus:
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❤ Sadia


Pick Up Limes says:

These bloopers are just getting more crazy, folks. Remember to peel those sweet potatoes! 😜 Which recipe would you want to make first?

Fofa says:

Today I tried your recipe of green hummus and it came out delicious 😋, thank u

Mariana Ingolotti says:

Is it absolutely necessary to use garlic???

pandalover555 says:

Made the roasted red pepper hummus & green pea hummus today for my family! We absolutely LOVED it ❤️ scraped up that bowl so fast!!

Yassmine Elsherif says:

HII love the recipes, just want to ask how long can I store it in the fridge and can I use canned chickpeas

Riya Sharma says:

Love from India

Alexandra Blinova says:

Where can I find a link for these repcipes?


Amazing video! Do you have an estimate of how long these batch would last in the fridge?

Brandon Fox says:

I make hummus at least twice a month but always find myself going to the same foods to dip with. What are some great low-carb dippables?

Cosmo's cooking says:

To make hummus smoother, remove the skins from the chickpeas. One way to do that is to boil them in water with some baking soda added, it should make it easier. The second thing to do to make it less gritty is to make a paste out of the garlic first, otherwise the food processor just gives you tiny pieces of garlic which makes it look grainy. I also try to use an oil that’s not too acidic, extra virgin olive oil can be too “sharp” sometimes so I try just olive oil instead or try not to add too much extra virgin olive oil.

maritza Garcia says:

Your awesome thank you

Moira Kors says:

Hi Sadia,
Do you prefer tinned chickpeas rather than dry chickpeas?
How many grams dry chickpeas equals 1 1/2 cups cooked chickpeas?

Annette Stonebraker says:

Mmm thank you, just made roasted red pepper, so tasty

Roz Christopherson says:

Can’t hummus be made with soaked chick peas? I’m a raw vegan.

Sachinkumar gk sachin says:

Hmm , beautiful n u r recipes making mouth wader, n enhancing my English speaking

Paula Shottesbrooke says:

Do you have a recipe for crackers? Would like to make from scratch.

Theo Kishna says:

Love Hummus and def will try some of your recipes and thanks for sharing very inspiring your video!

itsaws says:

Your videos are amazing!!

Sha Rona says:

Hi! Thank you for the video:) is there a video about your healthy crackers? Can't find one.! Greetings:)

E N says:

Hey! I just made your basic hummus recipe and it came out great! Almost exactly like in the shops! The smell and all too
I think my family will be very impressed ^^ thank you so much for the recipes and tips!!!

Bex G says:

You are BRAVE to be peeling beets in a white sweater with no apron.
I will say though, I thoroughly enjoyed watchung this vid. You seem more relaxed and natural.

jonathan nelson says:

tried the beetroot hummus came out so good! The only thing I would say is it didn't need the quarter cup of water as mine came out tasty but slightly thin and watery


What are this cookin pan made of? Wch material do u use for cooking?

nounachka says:

Pourquoi tu écrit le titre en français ??????et puis la vidéo en anglais 😳😳😳😳😳❓

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