How To Make Healthy Banana Ice Cream Using Only Bananas

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this is a really good ice cream recipe if you are on a diet or a vegetarian

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namouchou youyou says:

you have so many grammar mistakes😕

Flaire Arts Animations says:

I crushed my bananas hahah

irishlibsfan08 says:

ok…would this work with semi mushy bananas.? what if u dont have a blender? any ways around it? that would really help ty

Kitchen To Kitchen says:

Wow supper delicious

zanacatpotato 19 says:

Add some vanilla extract and milk or cream it tastes sooo goood

JK M - Gameplay and Chat says:

I tried it but when I mushed it up it did not become as it seemed. So, then I decided to put it in the fridge for another hour.

jmlee84 says:

the thumbnail is total bullshit and so is this method

Annie Kooper says:

Do I have to freeze them

Checance Garcia says:

What if I slice the bananas first, mash them, then put them in the freezer?

Mark Simmons says:

1:04 add almond milk instead of water so it tastes less awkward. For the health factor make sure it's unsweetened (vanilla is always a nice touch too)

Boby Soegiarto says:

How if we add banana to blender first, then you freeze them in freezer? It will be same. Or not? Thanjs

technical BOYS says:

waste of time😡😡😡😡😡

Kara M. says:

also this is not totally healthy bananas have a lot of sugar!! definitely a good dessert though

Safe Exit says:

o fuk man that was hot for ICE cream 😉

cat ghghgh says:

Ok so you can add milk to make it creamy instead of water and cut the banana slices before its easier and i believe faster but im not sure

cat ghghgh says:

MaChIne ThInGy

PR Kitchen says:

Very nice dear looks yummy

Bonnie chan The savage and salty boi! says:

is there anyway of doing this without the mixer?

DaZ Chowan says:

not ice cream it's banana smoothie

_ Hey says:

I did this and it tasted great!!

ronleviosa 394 says:

Its called a food processor 🤣

Hi Losers says:

The " mixer thingy" is a blender/food processor

Hairforce • says:

One thing to note here: the ripper the bananas, the sweeter the ice cream

Kim Taehyung says:

Get a mixer thing ……..LOL

Extremely_Tired says:

can’t you add some coca powder or vanilla extract

Faezah Amir says:

Your recipe is good but how you say it is bad

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