How to make Aquafaba at HOME + Vegan Whipped Cream Recipe

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In late 2014, a French blogger named Joël Roessel experimented with liquid from chickpeas and palm hearts to substitute eggs in meringue cookies. And after further experimentation, Wohlt, a vegan baker, discovered that chickpea liquid alone can be used as an egg substitute to make vegan meringues that are identical in taste and texture to traditional egg-white meringues.

This recipe is Already popular on the internet but in case you missed it, here it is 🙂


FR Team says:

Joth koi aqwafaba se cream nhi bnti

Fazeela Rawood says:

That looks like yoghurt lol it supposed to have stiff peaks and should also hold it's shape

RT Adorable says:

Dog bawl😂 just saying

Angela says:

Hi! How long can this aquafaba last without whisking ?

Anita Rampersad says:

Just a question…if I blend the aquafaba in a blender would it have the same result as mixing with an electric mixer.

Ramona Ray says:

I want a pressure cooker like that! Gee I used to throw that stuff out and only use the garbanzos. Well that's not happening ever again! Whipping cream costs 10 dollars a quart here in Tosos Santos bcs!

T K says:

its liquidi so not good

Faith Pon says:

I couldn't finish watching this the music was driving me crazy and then I realized I had needed to do was turn down the volume but it was still very difficult to watch. I prefer more of a human touch.

Súper Paqui Gójar says:


Sister Catherine Donna Marie Yaskiw says:

use the aquafaba to make meringues, pavlova, egg substitute. the video taking too long did not finish as all the work and equipment needed just too much…

Pisces Girl says:

can i make it in mixer jar
if i dont have hand blender?

khani khani says:

it's wrong

Pooja GuptaJindal says:

Yeah I hv to ask the same qu.
Y to keep in the fridge when u hv to boil it ?

Uthaya Banu Arumugam says:

How long can I keep this in fridge…

Anushree Sharma says:

this consistency should be used for making macrons?

r p says:

Wow great ,Isme sugar nahi dalna hei ,if we use in cake .

Jyotsana Shekhar says:

Agar ye blend na ho to kya mixer grinder me bana sakte hai? Aur kya dono ki quantity same hi honing chahiye, ye kam besi kar sakte hai

Christina Garcia says:

I think I’d try folding in the sugar because it lost its thickness from over mixing. Other than that great video thank you

Akerfeldtfan says:

You overbeat it at the end. It lost its peakiness when you incorporated the sugar, going flat, looks like.

Sayedsadaf Sohail says:

This we can't use as whipping cream

jaekriel says:

Yeah, thats not whipped cream, that like Creme Fraishe at best. If you watch the other videos available they tell you you need to add a binder like Cream or Tartar, Guar Gum, or Xanthan Gum. Good luck with your aquafaba!

Snehasis pradhan 9090 says:

It can make by rice water???

aathirai nandhini says:

Can we use mixi jar for cream

Uttam Javare says:

Can you make it without electric beater

Santosh Mamidwar says:

Cream hand mixture Ke use Se banata hai kya

ShawBrothersGirl says:

This was horrible it's too liquidy

pragya jain says:

kitni der beet karna hota h

vanita dhalani says:

Y u r so slow 😒

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