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What’s Up With Hayley

“How To Make A Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich”

Been looking for a new breakfast idea to help kick off your morning in a delicious way?Hayley is showing how to make her favorite vegetarian breakfast sandwich – complete with eggs and vegetables on a wheat bagel – for a yummy way to start the day.

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Sonya Weinstock says:

I saw the cat

linda sweigart says:

OMG chicks r not killed they were never fertilized

chirayu shah says:

Vegetarians cannot have eggs. Eggs are chicks killed. EGGS ARE NOT VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN.

Donnell Lee says:

Made this today with my bestie, it was freaking fantabulous! Thanks for the idea.;)

BeatuyDiva97 says:

A vegitarian doesmt eat meat! They can have eggs and milk which are animal products. But not meat. So she can be a vegitarian. Just not a vegan.

Ilavids 04 says:

I think on next weeks foods day Tuesday you should try cascade ice! You can get them at qfc

Masterchi45 says:

Vegetarins or vegas cannot eat eggs. Eggs are baby chicks which are killed for consuming. So I do not know how you call yourself a vegan or vegetarian?

SimpleReviews says:

I hop u now that egg is a animal a baby animal and ur eating it

riya patel says:

Post more videos on ur hakeyghoover channel

Youngji says:

hayley show us more fun vegetarian recipe!!

kk4500 says:

Try being a vegan!

AbbyZinger says:


Kamilia says:

I'd make that with Tofu scramble on something that didn't contain gluten.  Gluten free vegan here. 

Nancy Jovel says:

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