How to make 🍜VEGETARIAN RAMEN🍜 – secret ingredient at the end 😎

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1. Most vegetarians include egg in their diet. Those who do not consume any animal product (egg included) are called vegans.
2. Miso is made from SOY BEANS. It DOES NOT contain meat.

This is a very tasty bowl of vegetarian ramen.
Ingredients (serves 3):

– 500g ramen noodle (or thin egg noodle)

Vege broth
– 100g Carrot
– 100g Leek
– 10g Cloud ear fungus
– 20g Dried shiitake
– 2 cloves Garlic
– 1 slice ginger
– 2.5 litre water
– 1/4 cup soy sauce
– 1 1/2 tbsp miso paste

Soft boiled eggs seasoning (for 3-5 eggs)
– 100ml soy sauce
– 400ml water
(use 250ml only to marinate)

Firm foru + 1 tomato
– remaining 250ml seasoning
– 1 slice ginger
– 1 tbsp mirin
– 1 tbsp sake
– 1 tsp sugar

– Soy marinate used for tofu
– 1 tbsp soy sauce
– pepper

– spring onions
– toasted sesame
– lemon zest
– seaweed sheets


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Melty Boys says:

I just made this and its incredible

Rajnish Sharma says:

Love from india

Swarnam Shree says:

I made it it was awesome thanks for the recepie

Silent Control says:


not a single soul:

the silent tiger: Chinese 'cloud ear' fungus

Treasure Doctor says:

I guess it's egetarian..not vegetarian.. disappointmnt🥀💔

Chandrika Dwivedi says:

Vegetarian DO NOT EAT Egg. Please change your caption

HappyBuilderBro says:

Is it good for kids to eat because there is sake in it

Abhidev Shaji says:

Yo! Watching it makes me feel like you're…

The Ramen Guy

Ignacio Vela says:

vegetarian people are stupid, vegan is the only way

Kavita Sawant says:

It is non veg it has eggs

Venyto Camelo says:

2 hours? There's 0 vitamins left in the vegetables after that…

Javiera Simonette says:

I already KNOWWWWWW thats some mean ass ramen

OrualMuse says:

Looks delicious but there is a lot of salt in it 😥

Anamica s says:

What is that black paper like thing?

Bandandas says:

Title: *vegetarian ramen*
2:25 : *PUTS EGG*

Renuka Choudhari says:

I guess Vegetarian dish does not contain egg!

tahira parveen says:

Cant add mirin and sake, what can I use?

baggabliss says:

Never ever encourage your viewers to slice an egg in their hand the way you did, that's very dangerous.

Kian Richard da Silva says:

Preparation intense

Maximilian C says:

Wow. This looks awesome ! I’ll try it next time.

Hope Bryant says:

Jeez, I need a wok.

Mai Anh Vũ says:

Look awesome, can't wait to try it.

Linnea Sandelin says:

This recipe looks good, but miso is not vegetarian. It’s made out of fish

Ian Garth says:

commenting b/c algorithm

bhushan jain says:

Amazing.. Just wondering how many containers I will need to prepare this

Black_Arma says:

That looks so delicious
Okay alright step 1
Non of the things she described as ingredients are F***ing available in my country 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Cruxes says:

Looks like it has a lot of sodium w/ the amount of soy sauce involved 😅

Kolendo says:

ATTENTION HINDU PEOPLE: In Western countries, vegetarians do not eat animals, but they do eat animal by-products (eggs, milk, honey, etc). It is mostly only in India that eggs are not considered to be vegetarian because that's how your religion defines vegetarianism.

Can we all stop arguing now? My ramen's getting cold 🙁

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