Homemade Vegan Ramen (Gluten-Free!)

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A bunch of you wanted the recipe of the photo I posted on Instagram, so here’s my version of vegan ramen! Gluten-free, creamy, rich, and full of veggies 🙂

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Parusha Naidoo says:

Looks yummy! I can't wait to try it out… I have some sweet potato noodles which might work too….

Shaniafan1 says:

The accidental foods are the best sometimes.

Shaniafan1 says:

This looks so good

Dasha Bukina says:

Приятный голос, энергичная леди, но все очень вмеру !

Diep Nguyen says:

Nice "Vietnamese" flag you've got there XD

intellybit says:

take a look at this review of classic heat and serve gluten free ramen https://youtu.be/ylo_PsVYxrQ

Ken Rimmer says:

I wish people would get this right, real soya sauce is made with wheat, therefor is has gluten.
Real Tamari is not made with wheat so it is naturally gluten free! Great vid and recipe:).

Laura Macini says:

“How do I hand??” 😂 I could watch your videos all the live long day!

kiki cham says:

I like how laid back and genuine your channel is. Very much appreciate the hoodie and real personality. I don't enjoy the vegan "cooking" channels that place a young girls' midriff in every thumbnail.. it makes me feel like a creep to even have vegan recommendations in my feed, because half of the thumbnails contain scantily clad teen girls at this point.

Anna Wessman says:

Genius with the tahini, tamari instead of miso! 🙂 Looks SO good!

LadyLenaki says:

I love the jade pearl ramen from that brand!!!!

Victoria Quynh says:

Girl this dish is fire

Marta M. says:

Eddie doesn't like kimchi and yet you agreed to marry him? That's love right there.

MontieAdams says:

Can't wait to try this!

kathleen swenning says:

GF it looks so flipping delicious! Thank you so much ! It seems like it’s so versatile! You make everything seem so easy and not intimidating!

Lucy & Lentils says:

Looks so tasty! P.s love the lemon drop – happens to us all haha

It's Okay To Be Clown Pilled says:

Tahini & lemon in ramen? I'm scared. LOL.

Emily Van Hook says:

Just tried this and it was awesome, thanks for the great recipe!

Tabasco 85 vegan says:

Very nice very cook artist vegan. ..!!! 😉

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