Homemade VEGAN GROUND BEEF recipe for tacos, burgers, etc!| DIY Vegan Taco Meat

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We show you how to make your own homemade vegan ground beef or vegan taco meat for tacos, burgers, or sloppy joe! It is an easy DIY vegan meat recipe. We reveal the secret to making vegan beef at home. You’ll learn how to cook with TVP (textured vegetable protein) and make vegan tacos from scratch. This is what we ate today on our first family vacation to sunny Destin, Florida.

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This Infinite Life says:

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Kath Urbahn-Hall says:

Such a beautiful family!


I just love to see more and more of our people especially, take on the challange to change our diet and lifestyle! You are soo blessed with this beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

MariaAdelina says:

Your munchkins are so precious!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Gonna try this recipe soon. Thank you!

jeperry79 says:

Finally a product that I can use that doesn't take tons of prep time and it's meatless! I have used Boca crumbles, but it's so costly that I always have to wait till it goes on sell. This is way more cost effective with the same or better results! I'm going to get some T.V.P. on my next shopping trip! Thanks for sharing! 💕👍

Jazmine says:

Looks good I’m gonna try it thank u for showing me how

Ellen Kincaid says:

Ive actually seen this video before and have been looking for the TVP

Tashi Jelani says:

Back in the 80s I used TVP to make chili at a small restaurant. People loved it and never knew it wasn't ground beef. The owner loved the fact that he made more profit because it was cheaper than beef.

Creations By Will says:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Will give this a try.

Rican Queen says:

Looks yummy 😋 Must try! Meeko is so adorable 😊👍 🌮

Roz Christopherson says:

I used to make spaghetti 🍝 with TVP for my parents when I was a caregiver for them. Neither could tell the difference. They thought they were eating ground meat. Great job !!! 👍😃

Annalina Are says:

I just made this and I think I may have used too much liquid smoke☹️ still good tho, just has a really strong mesquite flavor lol I’m gonna try it again tomorrow but with less liquid smoke maybe like a dash instead of 2 tbsp

Lynn Mills says:

Not vegan but I’m making these!!!

Sade Hill says:

I buy the grounds. It looks just like it. I'm doing this from now on

HairCandy Kina says:

What a beautiful family! Ok, I’ll sub 😉

Angie's Vlog Spot says:

Oh wow!I will have to try it I am not vegan but I do eat a lot of .meatless meals

shortandstuff C says:

Trying this tonight. Looks so delicious 😋

Kulchagospel says:

Baby boy in the blue and white shirt enjoying his taco is EVERYTHING!! Thanks for sharing…..so cooking that tonight! And your family is beautiful! 🙏🏿❤ Are you from the Caribbean? I hear an accent that's why I'm asking. We rep the Virgin Islands and St. Kitts…😎

Don Christie says:

how long have you guys been doing youtube videos?

Neeq Dillard says:

Omg it looks so goodddd😩 So if I don’t eat soy, do you know what I can use instead?

News from the Shoes says:

Great recipe!! Thanks for sharing:)

Adrianne Herring says:

This is so wonderful I'm glad I came upon his video! I looks amazing! I have a question, how long can you freeze the burgers?

Smart Biz Web Media says:

That's one healthy family! Thanks for the EZ recipe. Saving to archives now.

Lissy Philip says:

Thank you so much !!

Chai's Room says:

Looks delicious…i will have 2 please…lol

Jacob K says:

Thanks for the video!!!
It has been a while but I have used tvp before. …JUST not with THE SAME ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS. $2.99 for four meals that seems incredible.
But you need to factor in the cost of the additional ingredients and then divide by four to get the cost per meal for this meatless ground beef.
What do you come up with? Of course, you may have some of the additional ingredients left ( a partial bottle etc.. so you 'll have to guesstimate 😉 ).

iwasatgame5 says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing this👍😀

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