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Kanishka Gupta says:

Great video of some healthy vegan snacks. These snacks are full of nutrients and delicious too. Click here to know more-

A Whole New World of drawing and art Donkers says:

I,ve been looking for vegan Hummus in those cute little package. Were can i get them? I,ve looked every were and i can find them. Love the video all you,re recipes are great and they taste so good.

sträwbêrrÿ mîxtūrę says:

Me and my mom are gonna try the hummus and veggies tomorrow

Denelle Campbell says:

If you don't want the veggies to go bad so fast for school/work/travel but the hummus container inside of the jar that way the veggies are kept dry and will last longer

amapola guz says:

Skip to minute 2

malgorzata klamecka says:

Certainly I'll prepare some of these.They look so delicious and easy to do .Thank you so much for you involvement.

Paris Hedger says:

Hey I’m just starting out with YouTube and would love some new subscribers and viewers. I aim to post entertaining videos on health and food. Would love if you checked out my channel if interested! Btw I loved this video, super helpful❤️

Alex Newbey says:

two minutes to actually get to the topic that i clicked on…. annoying

Football 27 says:

I love your eyes! I didn't want to look away! Very beautiful!

Lydia Hanger says:

"They are so cute that I could actually cry" lol but I laughed

Life with Mzz Snow says:

Where did you get your bento box?

Chloe Moser says:

So basically my fitness pal but it looks like Pokemon go

Başak Çetin says:

Why am ı here I not even vegan.

Marina Cadoù says:

Thank you for this video. Very helpful!

Octover says:

Video starts at 2:08

A Whole New World of drawing and art Donkers says:

Hey liv i am turning vegan and i wanna say great video,s for vegan recepics and tips and tricks. Those salade rolls are realy amazing . I would ad some soy souce to dip the rolls in.

Nate - says:

You're the best!!

Last name: Ellis says:

Wow! You issa gorgeous! ❤️🌹✨

anitaa Arora says:

I like it😋😎

Leianah Jones says:

@livb where do you get the container from?

nouf says:

Hummus & pita is Arabic snack🙊❤ I am so happy that you like it 😋

Hawa Bah says:

The only thing i don't like about those tracking food app is that they have the food that I eat in the search bar 😂. (I'm from africa so most of the time I eat is afrcian.)

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