Harley Quinn Vegan Egg Sandwich Recipe | S03E03

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Late to the party, I know. Birds of Prey has been out forever but I’ve been really wanting to try a vegan version of her perfect egg sandwich. It is absolutely the most basic yet amazingly good breakfast sandwich. If you’re looking for a vegan egg sandwich or vegan breakfast sandwich this is a perfectly simple and delicious one to try!

You can find Just Egg or the All Vegetarian, Inc. bacon I used from VEDGE.co

Use code FAV10 (personal) or FINEAPPLE25 (business) for instant savings on your first order!

What you will need
– Ciabatta Bread (vegan, of course)
– Just Egg (or you can make your own egg with tofu, etc)
– American or Cheddar Vegan Cheese
– Grapeseed Oil / Olive Oil
– Plant-based Butter
– Vegan Bacon (I used All Vegetarian Inc)
– Hot Sauce
– Black Pepper

For “bacon” baste
– Worcestershire Sauce
– Liquid Smoke
– Liquid Aminos
– Onion Powder

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Intro (0:00)
Ingredients (1:17)
Bacon (2:53)
Egg (3:33)
Bread (4:51)
Build (5:23)
Outro (6:05)


disco07 says:

I like the Batgurl sandwich. Wheat toast, egg beaters, cheese and a cup of coffee.

Diana Salter says:

I disagree. This sandwich is health food. Cholesterol free, and it feeds the soul. Yum.

Trish Lee says:

Love how you breakdown all of the ingredients! Thanks for this easy recipe! 🙂


Follow Your Heart and Miyokas is wayyyyyy better than Daiya sis.. like it's not even close.

Heather B. says:

Your monologue in the beginning is a thought every single woman in the world has had. The world would fall apart without us ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Loving Myself says:

Hi love. Is the Vedgeco vegan bacon made with Soy? I'm looking for some that is not soy based. Don't want my sons growing the boobs.

Taste of Tea says:

Lol I love this video 🤙🏾♥️ Harley Quinn is my favorite & The egg sandwich in the movie looks so good. Definitely giving your breakfast sandwich a try!

Glam Beauty says:

Im finally here to see how that bacon looked so real lol hey girl hey

M says:

música de aves de presa = harley quinn =https://youtu.be/1yuXWTm34ZA

Toya S says:

What brand of cheese do you use

patrice mcgee says:

chile was so excited to know where I could find this bacon until I saw they have a $100 minimum to ship 🙁

Rebel Fleur says:

Just found you and I’m about to make that leap to veganism… you and Tabitha make great food

Manda Andrea says:

Same thing I thought when I saw this movie I was like dang I want a breakfast sandwich LOL

Secilia Feliz says:

VedgeCo bout to be sold out of that bacon! Thanks for the tip and recipe! XoXo

Prestina Henderson says:

This looks delicious!

Carlene McNabb says:

Lol! So ironic… I just watched this movie today and said I wish I could have this sandwich! About to check out this bacon RIGHT NOW!

Speaking Truth says:

You are funny and awesome… thanks for sharing were to get the bacon. Will be making this too soon!

Rugy Joy says:

Omg! I literally I’m sitting in the car watching this and i JUST got back from the store getting JUST eggs to make a sandwich!

João Farias says:

Looks amazing! Thanks 👏

Ps.: what brand of vegan worcestershire sauce did you use for the bacon? I've been looking for a minute but still haven't found it out in the world

courtney Johnson says:

You destined to be a star. I usually skip to the point, but your videos are always entertaining. You all keep up the great content.

DevanFTM says:

Thought something was wrong with my audio 🤦🏽‍♂️

Minkio sole' says:

Definitely going to try this I love a good breakfast sandwich

gold_girl9 Rodriguez says:

I tried your vegan catfish, It was so good! I am open to that blossom banana cause it's like an artichoke so I will use for so many other ideas as well….. thank you for your videos! I enjoy and turned my vegan daughter on to you!

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