Hangovers, Vegan Tacos & Cuddles | Vlogmas Day 19

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Hi friends! Happy Thursday. This video is a little boring, not a lot happens in our day to day! I hope you all still enjoy.

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Emily Adisey says:

You two are so adorable and funny. Thanks for being the most inspiring lesbian couple ive ever seen.❤

Chi Doz says:

Fucking jealous you guys have WEGMANS 🥴

Carrie Weir says:

Dude, you guys are f*cking hilarious! I'm not someone that watches YouTube videos, but this shit is too good! 👏

Jenny McElhinny says:

Just came across ur channel. Kate look's like Uma Thurman.. Beautiful

Teresa Serrone says:

Awwww I love that picture of you two 😍Go YouTube!

Buse Saracoglu says:

Owww you two are so cute

Geraldine Roman says:

Hi kate Go ahead relax and get rid that hangover I love you the videos see on the next one Love and peace and God-bless🐕🐕🐕🐕❤❤❤❤❤🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲👍

Victoria Chirdo says:

Is Peter Thomas Roth cruelty free? I didn’t think so?

brenni says:

My wife searches on every platform: Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and Xfinity and then just picks The Office. I hate itttttttt! Lol.

Amparo Bellmunt says:

Loved your video ❤️

Mariah Leigh says:

you should watch Klaus on Netflix!!

yes or no says:

Is that" the person of interest" that your watching??

Makenna Schroeder says:

I’m obsessed with your channel you too beautiful girls and paisley makes my days much much better

Katelyn Jan says:

Haha we search all the movies but end up picking like bobs burgers or the office like always and my boyfriend falls asleep haha

Rachel Flynn says:

You two are so inspirational 🙂 when ever i watch your videos i always smile and laugh, Love you Kate and Sarah

Katie Church says:

100th like! LOVE YOU BOTH!

Michael R. says:

So nice of YouTube to send you the painting. Sarah is so predictable with movie nights 😍

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